Causes of global warming

global warming

The XNUMXst century is being the century in which both the climate change as global warming have become two real threats for the entire planet. In the case of global warming, the same is caused by Increase in medium temperature of the oceans and the atmosphere due to natural causes and mainly as a consequence of the human action.

Air shipments are the most efficient if you need your cargo or documents to arrive quickly and securely. scientists and experts In the field, they have spent several decades studying this phenomenon and trying to predict the changes that this warming will cause all over the planet in a few years and if there is still time to stop such devastating effects that threaten to shorten the natural life of Earth. Then I will comment in more detail and to make it clear to you, what are the causes of global warming and its possible consequences in the medium and long term.

Natural causes of global warming

causes of global warming

According to the vast majority of climate change scholars, some of the causes of global warming of the planet may well be due to natural causes or artificial causes caused by the human being's own action. In the case of natural causes, have been contributing to the global warming of the planet for thousands and thousands of years. However, these types of causes are not important enough to give rise to the climate changes that the entire planet is suffering today and that they are causing a serious threat to the entire world.

Solar activity

One of the natural causes of global warming more important and that is having a negative impact on the health of the planet itself, is due to a large increase in solar activity causing short-term heating cycles. Our sun is getting bigger and bigger and, therefore, it also generates more solar radiation during its nuclear fusion activity. We know that harmful solar rays are deflected thanks to the ozone layer and the Earth's magnetic field. However, they contribute to climate change, since part of this radiation remains in the atmosphere stored in the form of heat and increases the average temperatures of the planet.

Water steam

Another type of natural cause that is causing said global warming is the increase in steam in the atmosphere, which causes the average temperature to increase from time to time and contributes to the warming itself. Water vapor is a greenhouse gas that is able to naturally retain heat. It contributes to the natural greenhouse effect and it is thanks to the water vapor that we can survive in these pleasant temperatures for the formation of life.

The problem is when humans modify this part of the water cycle and generate more water vapor. You could say that this is one of the causes of global warming that looks both artificial and natural at the same time. The greater the amount of atmospheric water vapor, the greater the retention of heat.

Climatic cycles

A third natural cause of global warming is due to so-called climatic cycles that usually cross the planet on a regular basis. These cycles must be to the sun's rays of the star king. In this way, if the Sun is the source of energy what drives the earth's climate, it is logical that the solar radiation itself has a predominant role in the temperature changes that the entire planet is undergoing.

Man-made causes of global warming

destruction of planet earth

Although natural causes play a predominant role in global warming of the planet, they are the artificial causes of global warming the ones that are causing the most devastation on Earth. Most man-made causes are the result of increased called greenhouse gases caused by the action of man. This greenhouse effect is caused by the emission of carbon dioxide and it is the most important cause of global warming today. This type of emission has become a real danger and threat for the life of the planet and that is why most experts seek immediate solutions to beat such devastating effects.

Increase in greenhouse gas emissions

These carbon dioxide emissions are the result of burning fossil fuels. AND is that most of this burning is caused by the production of electricity and by the gas who use cars every day on the roads of the world. As the years go by and the Earth's population increases, more and more will be burned. fossil fuels, negatively impacting the environment and global warming, reaching a time when the temperature is quite high causing serious problems in the entire world population.

We must understand atmospheric dynamics as something that continually fluctuates due to the concentration of various gases present in the atmosphere. Above all, with CO2, the balance is not always the same, since there are many living beings that carry out photosynthesis and use this gas to survive.


Another man-made causes of global warming is deforestation of many of the planet's forests, causing carbon dioxide to rise throughout the atmosphere. Trees convert CO2 into oxygen through photosynthesis process and the own deforestation reduces the number of trees available to convert CO2 into oxygen. The result of this is a greater CO2 concentration in the atmosphere, which leads to an increase in global warming and therefore a greater rise in temperatures.

Deforestation also brings with it a decrease in biodiversity due to the fragmentation and destruction of the natural habitats of many species. The rate of deforestation does not stop and it is expected that by 2050 more than half of the Amazon rainforest will have been devastated.

Fertilizer excess

El overuse of fertilizers in agriculture is one of the most important causes of the excessive increase in the average temperature of the planet. These fertilizers contain high levels of nitrogen oxides,   much more harmful than carbon dioxide itself. As the population grows and increases, there is a increased need for food, so there is an increase in cultivated fields and therefore, a greater use of fertilizers in them.

The production and supply of food at a global level requires rapid harvests that translates into the indiscriminate use of fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, fungicides and everything related to optimizing the growth and development of crops. It is necessary to think long term and start consuming local products that do not need as many fertilizers and whose greenhouse gas emissions during transport are minimal.

Methane gas

climate change problems

One last cause to review of global warming and that must be taken into account is methane gas. This type of gas has a series of greenhouse effect properties much greater than CO2 itself. Methane is also produced through the decomposition of landfill waste and in everything related to the subject of manure. Organic matter in decomposition and in the absence of oxygen generates methane gas. This gas is also increasing in concentration and the power to store heat is enormous.

As you have seen and verified, they are numerous causes that cause global warming to increase and endanger the planet medium term. Although the causes of natural global warming have their incidence In such warming, it is man-made causes that are to solve in the shortest amount of time.

A few days ago it was possible to affirm that the year 2015 had been the hottest of all history on the entire planet. This really worrying fact coupled with the increasingly frequent extreme weather events hurricanes, tornadoes or cyclones should remove awareness from most of the world society to seek solutions as soon as possible.

Faced with this delicate situation, the governments of the great powers of the world must quickly take action and end climate change and global warming that the whole planet suffers every day.

Air pollution
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What are the consequences of global warming?

The consequences of the increase in terrestrial temperatures affect the entire globe to a greater or lesser extent. For instance:

  • In Spain it is being seen that heat waves are becoming more frequent, lasting and intense. Without going too far back in time, on August 14, 2021, the Cordovan city of Montoro beat its historical maximum, with 47,2ºC, during a heat wave episode that lasted several days.
  • The rise in sea level will force us to change course at many points. For example, beaches could be lost, not to mention the threat it will pose to all those who live on the coast.
  • Ecosystems will change. This in fact is something that is being seen: the plants that are more resistant to heat and droughts are replacing those that are less.
  • Glaciers are melting, contributing to the rise in sea level.
  • Animals quickly go extinct. Although here we could talk about poaching as well, there are many animals, such as polar bears that have increasingly difficult to catch their prey, as the ice melts before its time.
  • Food could be more expensive. Plants depend on the climate to grow and also to produce their fruits, so that if conditions change, the more difficult it will be to get vegetables, cereals and / or vegetables.

As you can see, global warming is a very serious problem.

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  1.   Rolando Escudero Vidal said

    Claim for the Atmospheric Balance Reconversion and Control Project
    Author Rolando Escudero Vidal
    I think the time has come to talk about Pneumoponics. Suddenly my days are numbered. I do not want that when it is only dust in the wind, I regret not having said it, seeing humanity suffer the consequences of global warming. Sure, some will say that I say stupid. Everyone has the right to say what they think. But, it would be interesting if they showed me that I say stupid. If so, all of a sudden I get to know something that makes me say stupid things. Then I could even thank you. But, that the proof is logical, that it has real bases.
    What is pneumonia? Pneumoponics is a method, a system consisting of feeding plants, that is, vegetables, with air through the root. It can also be called an invention. Which has been patented in INDECOPI, at the end of 2014. It is a system that clearly demonstrates that vegetables feed only from the root and that the leaves only serve to expel the gases produced inside the plant, as a consequence of the chemical processes that take place inside them. And one of those gases, and the most abundant, is oxygen. This method, applied in large proportions, can solve global warming very easily. And, not only solve the problem, but also can help man control the atmosphere, improve agriculture, etc. Since vegetables use many types of gas as food. Perhaps all the types of gas in the atmosphere.
    What is this invention based on? This invention is based on the Radicular Theory, enunciated by the book entitled Project for the Reconversion and Control of Atmospheric Equilibrium, written by Rolando Escudero Vidal. This theory is based on many facts and things that can be observed in nature. This theory says that vegetables are fed only by the root. That the leaves serve only to expel the gases produced by the chemical processes that take place inside.
    But the basic objective of this project is to solve the atmospheric problems that affect humanity. For this reason, in the first days of March, it was made known to the Peruvian State, delivering a volume of the summary of La Neumoponia to the Government House, on behalf of the President of the Republic. A volume in the name of the Minister of the following ministries: Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, etc. Also to the Congress of the Republic, on behalf of the President of Congress, Mrs. Ana María Solórzano, who, according to La Primera, was kind enough to make some comments in this regard. A volume was also delivered to the Agrarian University.

  2.   Rolando Escudero Vidal said

    Claim for the Atmospheric Balance Reconversion and Control Project
    Author Rolando Escudero Vidal
    And what are the consequences of global warming? Many and very serious. It must be taken into account that a lot of carbon dioxide is accumulating in the atmosphere. This gas has carbon. Carbon accumulates heat and transmits it to its surroundings, and in the case of the atmosphere it is the earth. When something is heated it expands and when it expands it weakens. And in this case, the earth's crust is heating up. Therefore it is expanding. And if it is expanding, it is weakening.
    A consequence of this process are the cracks that are appearing in many places. One of those places is my dear Callejón de Conchucos. Phenomenon that affects the city of Piscobamba, Socosbamba etc. And the only solution, unfortunately, is to leave the place. There is no other. Well, possibly, these places have only one year to live.

    1.    carolina said

      is dioxide

    2.    Francisco Garcia said

      I agree, this may be the next step for hydroponics and aeroponics, which are currently very successful as agricultural production methods. Personally, I believe that human beings have already realized the damage that must be "repaired" by looking for new alternatives, without forgetting that plants are the beginning of energy production in the biosphere.
      thanks and see you soon

  3.   José María said

    There are many causes of global warming. Many problems due to global warming, many people can die, the poles melt, there could be many floods because of that, people do not think what could happen.

  4.   Enrique jr said

    People are not that they do not think but that they do not give much importance to what could happen when there is a misfortune God forbid and they are just going to realize what it is not to give importance to the planet

  5.   pink said

    haha that's true.

  6.   Luis said

    Nitrogen and oxygen in the air in contact with very hot surfaces (FOR EXAMPLE AIRCRAFT ENGINES), are converted into nitrous oxide, which reacts in the stratosphere with ozone, under the action of radiation of wavelength less than 0,31 micrometers, leading to depletion of the ozone layer.
    Why are the millions of annual flights never mentioned? Mr money is a powerful gentleman!.

  7.   lalo said

    people are so stupid that anytime there was a flood due to global warming I could say I regret it

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Lalo.
      What is certain is that it is a problem that sooner or later will end up affecting (more) all of us. Unless really effective measures are taken to avoid it, of course.
      A greeting.

  8.   Agustin Chavez said

    The issue of global warming, many of us are concerned as there are consequential factors that affect the atmosphere, however we do nothing, it is important that society, governmental and non-governmental entities, businessmen, educational institutions and everyone who wishes to stop or mitigate these problems that we are facing, let's start campaigns that raise awareness about the care and protection of the environment and thus avoid so many epidemics, diseases and the presence of carbon dioxide alteration.

  9.   Ivanka said


    I recommend the documentary COWSPIRACY to open an interesting discussion on this topic, because according to the documentary, the main cause of global warming is the responsibility of livestock specifically, which has to do with nothing less than our way of eating. And the reason is simple: eating meat requires a huge use of resources and if you look at any restaurant menu, the meat supply is practically total. This is something of which we are not fully aware, and to make any contribution, most OF HUMANITY would have to make a change in their consumption habits with something as delicate as food, one of the greatest forms of pleasure. Analyzing the subject, outside of the very serious reflection of the documentary that I mention, it makes sense without thinking much about it. It is a delicate and untouched subject, since apparently the heads of the livestock industry have an enormous influence in political terms worldwide. It is a difficult, uncomfortable documentary, and we would like it to have no foundation, but in short, he exposes that the issue of global warming has to do directly with the need for a change on the part of each of the world's inhabitants, with a change in attitude not only in the palate but with the development of greater empathy towards everything that we surrounds. Hope you like it and hope we can realize this in time. We cannot continue to make fun of veganism just because some are militant and annoying, we must consider natural options as a respectful way of life towards a world that has given us everything. It is time to give something back. Regards.

    1.    M said

      It should also be taken into account that one of the biggest causes of deforestation is, in addition to livestock, orchards to support thousands of people. And you also have to take into account the fertilizers.

  10.   cristhian said

    People are the first to blame for polluting the environment, because of that it is very hot, the atmosphere is being destroyed and it is we who destroy it when we show the forests, we cut down trees, a lot of smoke affects us, etc.

  11.   Rolando Escudero Vidal said

    All the processes of nature leave remains, what you have to do is give a proper direction to those remains.

  12.   Rolando Escudero Vidal said

    Finding culprits does not solve a problem, but rather, applying the appropriate method.

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Totally agree.

  13.   Jorge Ventura said

    They say that we do not know what we have until we see it lost, so it will happen when pollution exceeds the planet, so much technology will be of use if we sacrifice ourselves to our planet that is irreplaceable more than all the money and technology GOD left us a healthy planet like our body if we do not take care of our body and we ourselves cause irreversible diseases by our way of eating we must have more wisdom about how we conduct ourselves in life we ​​already know that we do not have to litter we must not pollute our rivers and seas and even so we do it for the ambition of money but everyone knows how they behave and we only have to do our part which is to do the right thing

  14.   Rolando Escudero Vidal said

    Any problem can be solved.

    1.    M said

      resolve, but not reverse

  15.   actisal by rl Atisal said

    The earth is being transformed by massive carelessness and lack of knowledge in observing the times, the lack of vicbility to prevent the deterioration of the sky system, you should take a look above to see reactions below, all attentive, look up and up and up to see more and more and more below

  16.   Rolando Escudero Vidal said

    How CO2 decomposes
    It is clear that CO2 decomposes when coal is heated. Clear indicators of this fact are two events that happen in nature: when spring comes light rains fall. When summer comes and goes, the rains increase, falling heavy rains. Why this? What happens is that in spring the rays of the sun are still in a position where they still cannot heat much. On the other hand, in summer these rays arrive straight on the atmosphere and heat up a lot. This is proof that CO2 decomposes on heating, freeing oxygen. Then oxygen joins hydrogen, abundant in the atmosphere, forming water, H2O. And then rain.

  17.   Rolando Escudero Vidal said

    Huaycoloro is a place located in the province of Huarochirí. If its name comes from two Kech-huas names: huay-ghó and loj-ro, it is a place that can be dangerous. The huay-ghó is a very small, thin type of snake, about 30 centimeters long and more or less than 4 millimeters thick. Its movement is undulating on the ground. It lives under the ground. It can be divided in two and both sides are still alive. Each one goes their own way and gets under the ground where they live.
    Huayco comes from the name of this snake, therefore, its properties are very similar to those of small snakes. Because the ancient inhabitants of these places named a place according to what they observed. And the huaycos move in an undulating way, like small snakes, and if they divide they continue to circulate.
    And what says "parrot" is a derivative of the name "loj-ro" which is the Kech-hua name of a food that is like a soup, but thick, a mixture of many things: vegetables, potatoes, beans, meat, etc. . The huayco when it reaches a place where it can be stopped accumulates forming something similar to the aforementioned food. From that the name Huaycoloro was born.

  18.   john jhair said

    If the ultra violet rays pass we will burn until we die

  19.   Gino Gallo said

    How sad after a few years we will die burned, if we do nothing we must make people aware to stop using factories. Make an effort to help the environment. Please friends, let's try to stop this before it is too late. Recycle plant trees and we can extend life to the human being Please help 🙁

  20.   Gino Gallo said

    you have to avoid this

  21.   Rolando Escudero Vidal said

    The causes of global warming can be many. But there is a method that can solve the problem; the Project for the Reconversion and Control of Atmospheric Content or Pneumoponics.

  22.   Luis said

    very good information

  23.   donais sebastian herrera medina said

    Life on the planet is very beautiful if we damage it before the future of their children arrives, what a world they will leave a chance for, it can't be hey, all of us to con vatir against the conmination, hey everything, we are human, not animals, let's take care of the world, hey even the animals take care of them

  24.   MATTHEW-YT said


  25.   Lucia Paredes said

    that people stop lying and listen to science.

  26.   Moisés Ugido Cedeño said

    The main cause of global warming is livestock, the methane gases from cows, with their stiercol and flatulence, pollute much more than all the CO2 produced by all of humanity, the great deforestation necessary for pastures that need so much space and resources, to produce so little ...

    Do you want to help prevent global warming? Don't eat meat.

    I also recommend watching the documentary cowsparacy that there is explained very well

  27.   Alberto compagnucci said

    More than making a comment, I want to make a query. Beyond the causes listed as originating global warming, is it possible that we are entering a climate cycle for which we have no historical references? I am referring to the movement of the earth, which has a cycle that lasts about 25.000 years and of course, due to its duration, we do not have any reference and less meteorological. Based on what I've heard, we are about 12.000 years into the ice age and coincidentally, it roughly matches the duration of a half-cycle of the show. Could it be that we are heading towards a time for which we have no references? In parallel, it is coherent to think that, knowing that the Earth's orbit around the sun is actually an ellipse, the presentation generates a change in the distance between the foci of that ellipse and therefore a modification of it and that it is reflected, although but not partially, in the observed climatic changes?

  28.   Diego Saavedra González said

    Well this helped me a lot, thank you, but there is research that says that global warming is a myth and that this has already happened 3 times so what I am looking for is if this is true?

  29.   Noemi said

    How can I use this information in my work or thesis if there is no author or at least one university that supports the shared knowledge, this annoys me at the web pages, where are the references or sites of people who did research or field work, total plagiarism.

  30.   Malena said

    I think we have to save the world by stopping all this

  31.   Alex Gonzales-Herrera said

    It's not right, I would have put it in the form of a list because it is a lot, only for very bad causes, never enter this site, it did not serve me at all

  32.   Camila Bear said

    It seems to me that it went without saying in the note that one of the biggest culprits is the livestock industry, which causes the most greenhouse gases, beyond the burning of fossil fuels. The gases emitted by livestock animals are what cause greenhouse gases and if we combine it with deforestation to grow food for livestock fattening, the effects of global warming multiply.