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Meteorology on the Net is a website specialized in the dissemination of Meteorology, climatology and other related sciences such as Geology or Astronomy. We disseminate rigorous information on the most relevant topics and concepts in the scientific world and we keep you up to date with the most important news.

The editorial team of Meteorología en Red is made up of a group of experts in meteorology, climatology and environmental sciences. If you also want to be part of the team, you can send us this form to become an editor.



  • German Portillo

    Graduated in Environmental Sciences and Master in Environmental Education from the University of Malaga. I studied meteorology and climatology in the race and I have always been passionate about clouds. In this blog I try to transmit all the necessary knowledge to understand a little more our planet and the functioning of the atmosphere. I have read numerous books on meteorology and dynamics of the atmosphere trying to capture all this knowledge in a clear, simple and entertaining way.

  • David melguizo

    I am a Geologist, Master in Geophysics and Meteorology, but above all I am passionate about science. Regular reader of openwork scientific journals such as Science or Nature. I did a project in Volcanic seismology and participated in environmental impact assessment practices in Poland in the Sudetenland and in Belgium in the North Sea, but beyond the possible formation, volcanoes and earthquakes are my passion. There is nothing like a natural disaster to keep my eyes open and keep my computer on for hours to inform me about it. Science is my vocation and my passion, unfortunately, not my profession.

  • Luis Martinez

    I have always been fascinated by nature and the meteorological phenomena that occur in it. Because they are as impressive as their very beauty and they make us see that we depend on their vigor. They show us that we are part of a more powerful whole. For this reason, I enjoy writing and making known everything related to this world.

  • Lola curiel

Former editors

  • Claudi casals

    I grew up in the countryside, learning from everything that surrounded me, creating an innate symbiosis between experience and that connection with nature. As the years go by, I can't help but be fascinated by that connection that we all carry within us to the natural world.

  • A. Stephen

    My name is Antonio, I have a degree in Geology, a Master's in Civil Engineering applied to Civil Works and a Master's in Geophysics and Meteorology. I have worked as a field geologist and as a geotechnical report writer. I have also carried out micrometeorological investigations to study the behavior of atmospheric and subsoil CO2. I hope to be able to contribute my grain of sand so that a discipline as exciting as meteorology is increasingly accessible to everyone.