What will winter be like?

Snow on a tree

Winter is the season that we usually associate with cold, snowy landscapes, colds, snow sports. But it seems that little by little autumn is lengthening, that then a few days come in which low temperatures are registered, but that soon they pass and spring returns. Where, then, is that cold that made us shiver every time we went out into the street? It even seems that the cold waves we have now are not like before.

In this article we are going to review how winter 2017 has been, and how it could be in the next few years. When does winter come in? Let's see it.

When does winter come in?

Winter begins for vegetation

¿When winter starts? Winter is a season expected by many. After a very hot summer, it is often desired that the coldest months of the year arrive as soon as possible. Although they can bring us some other illnesses, such as the flu or colds, during this season we really want to go out to the streets or the countryside and enjoy winter sports.

But when does winter come in? Well it will depend on which hemisphere of the planet you are in 🙂. Thus, if you are in the northern hemisphere, the first official day is December 20 or 21, while if you are in the southern hemisphere, that day is June 20 or 21.

Winter 2017 Summary

Winter 2018

According to data of the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET) the winter of 2017 had an overall warm and dry character. The average temperature was 8,5ºC, which is 0,6ºC more than the average for this season, taking 1981-2010 as the reference period. It has been the thirteenth warmest winter since 1965, and the fourth warmest since the 2015st century began, behind 16-2000, 01-2007 and 08-XNUMX.

They registered positive thermal anomalies around + 1ºC in Galicia, Catalonia, the Balearic Islands, the Valencian Community, as well as in the Cantabrian, Iberian and Central systems, southeast of Castilla-La Mancha and southwest of Castilla y León. In the rest of the country, the anomalies were negative, between 0 and -1ºC.

If we talk about the rainfall, it was generally dry, with an average rainfall 20% less than usual, which is 160mm. December and January were dry, but in areas of the southeast of the peninsula and the Balearic Islands it was very humid. In the Canary Islands, Extremadura and central Andalusia it was dry or very dry.

Winter 2016 summary

Winter in Toledo

Winter 2016 started on December 22, 2015, and ended on March 20. It was an interesting few months, in which records were recorded, both rainfall and temperatures.


According to AEMET predictions, it was expected that in the northern half of the peninsula it would rain more than usual, and that in the rest of the country rainfall would remain within normal limits; In other words, if it does not usually rain in your area, this year there would not be big changes either. So it was.

Already on January 11, 2016 we were talking about a strong storm that was wreaking havoc across the north, especially in Pontevedra, Lugo and A Coruña. For days the rains did not stop falling, flooding streets and causing landslides, traffic cuts and even overflowing rivers. In this month the average rainfall was 90 mm, 41% more than normal (63mm).

In February we had another storm, with waves of up to 11,95km and winds that blew with great intensity, of up to 170km / h in the north. This time, the most affected regions were San Sebastián, in addition to Galicia. But the rains fell heavily across the north. This month was very wet overall, with an average rainfall of 88 mm (value 66% higher than the normal one, which is 53mm).

In March rainfall remained normal, except in the peninsular southeast quadrant and in the Balearic Islands, which were lower.


Precipitation and winter temperatures 2016

According to the AEMET, where it was going to rain more than expected, would be where the mercury in the thermometer would remain at normal values; instead, in the rest of the communities there would be a 55% probability that they would have a warmer winter than normal. Got it right

For the most part yes. In January the average temperature was 9.5ºC (2,3ºC more than normal, taking 1981-2010 as a reference period), thus becoming the warmest since 1961. In the northeastern half of the peninsula and in some parts of the south, the thermal anomaly was somewhat lower, at 1ºC.

In February, in the eastern half of the peninsula, the Balearic Islands and in some parts of the Canary archipelago, the temperature was between 0,5 and 2,5ºC higher (reference period: 1981-2010). In the rest of Spain, the values ​​remained normal or slightly lower, especially in mountain areas of the Cantabrian Mountains, Sierra Morena, Sistema Central and Sistema Béltico. The maximum temperatures were 0,2ºC higher, and the minimum temperatures 1,2ºC higher than usual, so the diurnal thermal oscillation was lower to what it should be.

In March, temperatures continued to exceed normal values, especially in the eastern half of the country, including the Balearic archipelago, the southwest quadrant and in the Canary Islands. In the northwest quadrant there were no major changes.

What will winter 2018 be like? And the next ones?

Global Warming

Although today (July 11, 2017) it is still a bit early to know what next winter will be like, most likely it is the same or very similar to what we have passed, with an average temperature of 8-9ºC, but until the dates are getting closer and prediction models do not come out, it will be difficult to know with a little certainty.

Taking into account that, according to predictions, 2016 will be the warmest in history, even surpassing 2015, and that the El Niño phenomenon will help the mercury in thermometers continue to rise, the average temperature is likely to reach 1,14ºC. This means that we will have a winter that will be getting warmer and drier, especially in the Mediterranean region.

However, El Niño remains active between 8 and 10 months, so if its effects begin to be noticed in November 2015, it is likely (not certain) that in September 2016 we will go to a neutral phase. But this does not mean that record temperatures are not expected, since global warming is a phenomenon that will not stopUnless really effective measures are taken to reduce the emission of polluting gases into the atmosphere, neither will human beings stop polluting the planet from one day to the next. And even so, 10.000 years would still have to pass for the planet to recover.

So, maybe we will end up having a very dry Christmas together, and especially warm, under a blue sky which will have a higher concentration of greenhouse gases, like carbon dioxide.

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  1.   Omar Sanchez said


    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Farmers, as well as gardening enthusiasts, need to know the climate in their area to know what they can grow. With this global warming, this is increasingly unpredictable.

      1.    edward lopez said

        can climate change increase rainfall in Spain?

        1.    Monica sanchez said

          Hi Eduard.
          Rather the opposite, they could decrease. In fact, in the Mediterranean, for example, they have already decreased by 27% and are expected to continue to decline. An article was published in the journal Nature on how the rainfall pattern will change due to climate change. Is this.
          A greeting.

      2.    Satu said

        Monica, I have taken these sentences from your article: «... global warming is a phenomenon that is not going to stop, unless really effective measures are taken to reduce the emission of polluting gases into the atmosphere, and neither will human beings to stop polluting the planet from one day to the next. And even so, it would still take 10.000 years for the planet to recover…. ».

        From what you say, the end of the world is approaching because the blindness of world leaders does not stop the emission of polluting gases and the global average temperature will increase and increase until we are literally fried. The oceans will disappear and life on land will be impossible. You also state that in the hypothetical case that humanity stopped emitting polluting gases into the atmosphere, it would take 10.000 years for it to recover.

        I do not know if you realize the scope of your statements but they are to scare anyone. I hope the public is not alarmed by your statements.

  2.   Joseph said

    Just say according to the little knowledge and according to last winter and the heat of this summer this winter will be cold and in some regions we will see snow

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      It's likely cool, yes. We'll see.

  3.   Yo said

    You are all sold and liars, a lot of global warming but nothing is said about cheamtrails. For when are you going to stop making people feel guilty and denounce your governments….

    1.    THE BROWN said

      This is a web of meteorology not of politics.

  4.   MTT said

    I would be surprised if this winter was very cold, more than anything because we have a few that are very light ... and it is less and less cold, in the end we will be the tropical Mediterranean

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello MTT.
      The average Spanish temperature is likely to rise quite a bit, but we'll see.
      A greeting.

  5.   Luis said

    Do not modify the weather and you will see that it rains more

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Of course, if we didn't pollute, the climate would be very different. Greetings Luis.

  6.   debora said

    I hope it is very cold in Andalusia that is always sunny and I am already tired of so much cold heat

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Debora.
      You can't wait for the summer to end, huh? heh heh Hopefully it's cool at least.

  7.   nani said

    That 2016 was going to be the hottest summer in history? Well, it's not going to be, in 2015 we did grill here in Murcia but this year is not even close to last year, taking away some loose days of higher temperatures, but for what we are used to here in summer, I don't even know have you noticed.

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      In many points it has been even cooler than the previous one, it is true. Where I live (Mallorca), the summer has also been cool, we have even spent several nights without a fan. But the average temperature of the planet continues to rise.

      1.    Miquel Vidal Barcelo said

        Hello Monica from Mallorca, you are absolutely right, the summer has been mild but the trees are dying of thirst!
        A pity for all

        1.    Monica sanchez said

          If true. Virtually nothing has rained, and the few drops that have fallen have quickly evaporated. Let's hope it rains now in the fall.

  8.   jose antonio said

    a question will it be cold this winter? more than the previous one?

  9.   jose antonio said

    hello a question will this winter be cooler than the last?

  10.   Mario said

    Is it likely that this winter snow in Madrid? (Because it will be cooler)

  11.   Mario said

    Are there more chances that this year snow in Madrid? (I hope SNOW), I say it because as you say it can be cooler ... I hope SNOW hahahahaha

  12.   gilberto said

    What will this winter be like in Dallas Tx?

  13.   Monica sanchez said

    Hello everyone.
    It is impossible to know for sure what time it will be in 3-4 months. What is known is that, if the La Niña phenomenon is activated, North America will be cold. In fact, in cities like New York there could be significant snowfalls.
    In Spain it is not known how this phenomenon will affect, if it is activated. But the normal thing (or what was normal) is that after a warm winter a cold or very cold one comes, especially if the summer temperatures have been reaching more or less normal values ​​as it has been and is this year.
    As soon as we know more, we will inform you.
    A greeting.

  14.   Sandra Naharro Gomez said

    Hello, very good, how am I Sandra and I am very interested in the winter theme I live in Barcelona and I would like to know if it will be fresh or not? Or if at least it snows more than usual at the moment we are having more rain than normal by the way do not worry if you do not get it right since the weather is very difficult, greetings

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Sandra.
      It is impossible to know what the weather will be, at least for sure.
      We have to wait and see if the La Niña phenomenon is activated, and see if in Spain we notice it or not.
      In principle, I highly doubt that it snows more than usual in the east of the peninsula and the Balearic Islands. Strong winds would have to come from the North (Siberia, for example) so that we would be cold in the Mediterranean, which is called cold, that is, temperatures of less than -4ºC were recorded.
      A greeting.

  15.   Eduardo said

    Look, this winter may be colder, last winter it was warm even though, cold air masses came and it snowed at sea level, but not like in 2015 I live in a town in Aragon 150 meters from sea level and I have seen heavy snow in my 16 year old that I have ..

  16.   Victor said

    They talk a lot about global warming but they do not say that we are in a mini ice age. Winters are getting colder every time, especially in North America and Europe and Asia ...

  17.   Victor said

    All the best?

    1.    grijander said

      But what do you say Victor.
      You don't know ... you're terrible

  18.   Dew said

    I would like to know if there is going to be a lot of rainfall this fall winter. Thanks a lot

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Rocio.
      In principle I would say yes, but you cannot know for sure. It will depend on what part of the country you live in, the altitude, the wind, etc.
      We will inform 🙂.
      A greeting.

  19.   angel said

    Hello, I am from Torre Pacheco in the province of Murcia and I would like to know if it is going to rain normally. And if temperatures below the average are going to be recorded in an autumn winter environment. And I also wanted to know if this fall the possibility of the appearance of the dreaded cold drop DANA is high, thank you.

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Angel.
      Unfortunately, you cannot know for sure.
      It is likely that it will be fresh, and that normal or slightly high rainfall values ​​will be registered in the country, but no more can be specified until some time has passed.
      We will inform.
      A greeting.

  20.   Miguel said

    What autumn forecast do you have for the southwest peninsula? Huelva Seville Cadiz and Badajoz

  21.   c said

    Hello, I am scared and overwhelmed by the issue of drought and climate change, I am from a town in the Sierra de Huelva, Aroche and I would like to know if we will have rains this coming autumn, if it will be a normal winter or we will have to start to worry.A greeting from this beautiful town of Huelva.

  22.   juanma said

    Hello, what winter is expected in Sierra Nevada, the past was incredibly warm, not the following ===========

  23.   Jeronimo said

    Hello, how will this winter be in Navarre? Will it rain more than the previous one? Hopefully it will be like that

  24.   Cristina said

    Hi. I live in Sagunto city, a town in Valencia. I am VERY TIRED of this heat of the last years and the autumns-winters of Chichinabo. Neither cold nor rain. At most a sultry humidity that penetrates the bones. That they put me in the drawer of the conspirators, I am very proud! I'm sick of those damn chemical trails that cut off the rain when there are very geandes black clouds about to rain (I've seen it with my own eyes) I'm very exhausted and sad especially for new generations 🙁

  25.   miguel angel sanchez lamuela said

    Hello, I am from a town in Aragon, specifically Almonacid de la Sierra, and I am worried about the more than probable climate change. It rains less and less, this year there is a terrible drought, the springs dry up, the crops dry up. I remember when I was a child that it rained a lot more than now, and it snowed more than now. What I don't know is that if that climate of my youth was the rule or the exception. I am not going to ask about the autumn forecast because I am fond of this meteorology thing that I find as fascinating as it is complicated when making a long-term forecast. Tin it rain hard. I love that it rains Greetings.

  26.   paco said

    Hello, in November I am going to do the Camino de Santiago, the French, is it possible to know what time it is in the north of Spain in November?

  27.   Isabel said

    Hello, I am from a town in Valencia about 20 km. From the beach… ..and if I have heard about abolishing or preventing it from raining or avoiding a storm. I do not know to what extent it is true and if it is, I do not know with what sense they do it….

  28.   Francisco Javier Perez Armas said

    how winter will present itself in the canaries, especially in the western islands. Thanks Monica

  29.   Monica sanchez said

    Hello everyone.
    It could be cooler than above across the country, and more rain is likely if La Niña kicks in. But you can't know for sure.
    A greeting.

  30.   Salvador Segui said

    Good morning, in Valencia this winter we are going to have - 3o 4 degrees, will it freeze citrus?

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Salvador.
      You can't know for sure. What I can tell you is that depending on which citrus fruit, such as orange or lemon, they hold up well to mild frosts down to -4ºC.
      A greeting.

  31.   suaoker gaizto said

    I remember perfectly that on tve1 at the end of last winter they commented in one of the meteorological reports that they gave that according to I do not know which models they were driving, this coming winter would exceed the previous one, that is, this coming winter would be similar or even hotter ……… .. I hope they are wrong

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Let's hope. But we'll see what happens.

  32.   Monse said

    Hello Mrs.: Mónica sanchez I just want to ask if this year it will snow to whom the region of Lagunera
    I just wanted to ask 🙂

  33.   Catalina said

    Hello! Mrs. Monica, I am glad that several people are interested in the climate, I am also interested in living in Tijuana Baja California Norte and it is very dry with heat, little rain, for a few years it has not rained as before and this summer it rose more than normal temperature. We hope it rains because water is needed. Regards.

  34.   filber said

    Hello Mrs. Monica, my serious question will be this summer our Peruvian sierra will there be rain or not

  35.   Isabel said

    Hello, how is autumn winter in the province of cadiz?

  36.   David said

    Goodnight. We are having a powerful storm in Barcelona with a lot of electrical equipment, which has been static over the city for at least 5 hours and continues. The truth is that it is appreciated after a very hot and dry September, with temperature records, despite the fact that the summer in general has not been too hot.

    Next winter ?. Who knows.

    It is clear that more and more is known about climatology, and now with the infinity of tools that we have on the web, in addition to constant information. We do not stop seeing climate models with predictions at all times, there are even climate models that mark trends 9 months ahead, with evolutions of the entire atmospheric system every 6 hours.

    But all this does not guarantee anything, in fact it only helps us to know or predict more about the climate trends on our planet, super computers that we have programmed. But the climate on Earth has much more than numerical predictions based on data collected in a very short period of time. Climate change yes of course. But it is that the Earth has been in constant climate change for 4.500 million years.

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello david.
      Very true. Climate change is not a new event, it is an intrinsic part of the planet.
      But now, thanks to technology, pollution and the need to invade the few green spaces that we have left, humans are capable of altering the climate.
      A greeting.

  37.   David said


    That's right, and never before in the history of our planet has the human factor entered climate change. We have been influencing the climate for more than a century, very accelerated in recent decades.

    This human combination with natural factors such as the Child-Girl factor or Solar cycles among many others, makes our near climate future very unpredictable, more than it already is naturally.

    Many theories are open that go from one extreme to the other, from the Ice Age to the desert climate. But what is clear is that the human factor is always negative, the contamination of the Planet itself (The only one we have) Atmosphere, Oceans, Earth, everything is polluted.

    We are a plague, the most intelligent or not so much, Society cannot stop, we are many, more and more and more and more is being consumed. Our planet does not grow, it gets smaller and smaller. There are predictions that estimate that in 2050 we will be 12.500 million human beings. Now we are just over 7.000 and in 1900 we were only 1.600 million. The planet cannot be sustained, society will collapse.

    We should change a lot and I am afraid it will not happen. Too many vested interests.

    I recommend Ultimatum to Earth.

    A greeting.

  38.   Eduardo said

    Climate change is a phenomenon that can bring snow storms, in summer very hot and every year is learning, cold waves in winter and powerful, which would make snowfalls in Spain that are stronger and more possibilities at sea level, low temperatures in winter, and you know storms, which in Spain can be powerful like those in Barcelona, ​​when a lot of cold air enters the atmosphere, it brings instability, in addition the sea is hot ...

  39.   Mikel said

    If the La Niña phenomenon causes SW winds In Penisual Ibérica, would we have rain in winter instead of snow at higher elevations in the Pyrenees?

  40.   Luis said

    Hello, I would like to know if the temperatures are going to drop in the province of Ciudad Real and if it is going to rain more. Since today a lot is needed because it is a shame to walk through the mountains and see dry trees.

  41.   Maria said

    Hi Monica :) One question, I am allergic to heat and light. I live in Turis in Valencia and every year it is more unbearable. Only that humidity that bursts the bones and will destroy the houses by rusting them away. Even if it is not next to the sea.
    I have become ill and so the allergist confirmed it x being in the sun all day. Here the summer ended on the 31st in New York this year that we went out in suspenders and 27 degrees and it began on February 7 with 20 degrees and increasing. Except for a few loose days that fell d blow. My question is.
    I see the forecasts of the Cantabrian or even that autumn has already arrived.
    So I would like to know if climate change only affects the Mediterranean area and the rest not so much and that? Here we are with the west. Yesterday. But no one in any forecast says so. That's normal? Because it's not raining here and it's been summer time and half up there no longer. Will we end up like Africa? What is it that the change does not affect them so much and if they have rain? Valencia is becoming the Spanish California. From exo in Los Angeles there is an area called Valencia in Santa Clarita and it hasn't rained since they don't even know ... And it started like aki desertifying little by little. If aki affects so much, why in the Mediterranean do not we start planting trees x person as they have started to do there? In the area of ​​Africa cokindante and obviously they comonen the north that they repopulate continuously and the inhabitants of the towns as well as water their few crops also worry about the trees so as not to lose that climate. Thank you for your attention. Greetings from Maria 🙂

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Maria.
      Climate change affects the entire planet, but yes, there are some regions where it affects the most. In fact, in this blog we commented that the climate of Spain could increasingly resemble that of Morocco.
      Why have some already started with autumn and others are still with summer temperatures? Well, for the climate to be one way or another, several factors have to intervene: location, orography, altitude above sea level, sea temperature, wind, solar radiation, etc., etc.
      Normally, when a storm enters from the north or northwest of the peninsula, it reaches the Mediterranean very worn, and especially to the south, because at these points, being closer to the equator, the solar rays are more direct, so the sea Mediterranean is always warmer than, for example, the Galician Sea.
      Regarding your last question. Well I do not know what to tell you. I wish trees were planted in all the towns and cities, and not so much deforested. Things would surely be better.
      Greetings, and encouragement.

  42.   Javier said

    Px meteorologists do not dare to denounce once and for all the constant fumigations to which we have been exposed for years with the purpose, among others, of eliminating the rain through the dispersion of silver iodide, those of us who are asthmatic and We are getting worse and worse with allergies due to the lack of water that belongs to all of us

  43.   Antigonus Cardedonius said

    It is true that the climate is changing, it has always done so, that man influences it is clear. Now, that 100% of climate change is anthropogenic, and that by reducing emissions we manage to control said change, it is enormously superb. When the main responsible for the climate is the sun. What is there to emit less gases? yes More renewable? yes. Change a lot of things? obvious. But we don't have that power to handle the weather, and I'd rather not be alive when it does.

    By the way, CO2 is not a polluting gas, let's not misinform it. It is the gas of life, the one that nourishes plants. That it has a climatic effect is another thing.

  44.   Kilian said

    CO2 is not a polluting gas like Nox, Co ... it is a greenhouse gas.

  45.   Male said

    Will it snow this year in Soria?

  46.   xavi said

    Thank you Monica for your clarifications and your dedication. We humans have loaded the planet and we are reaping what we have sown… I live alone, with my best company, my cats, in a house, and with a fireplace. In 2015, a few days I had to light the fireplace, this year it gives me that it will be there with a vase that I put as an ornament for the summers .... My cats are great meteorologists .... they are always preparing for winter, but they have been a couple of years that I see them very "Unconcerned" by the cold. A greeting from the mountains.

  47.   Oskar said

    Hello in the year 2017 we will have more winter than we are in thanks

  48.   Oskar said

    How cold it will be in the year 2017 but what we are in. Thank you

  49.   Juan said

    wow excellent prediction

  50.   tenant said

    Hello, when will winter start? Damn chemtrails and polluters of our beloved land I love the cold cold all year round ...

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Locario.
      He doesn't have much left. At the beginning of October, temperatures are expected to begin to drop in Spain.
      Don't worry, everything arrives. 🙂
      A greeting.

  51.   pepper said

    It is not the same: to have, to be able, to be able to HAVE.
    What to have, to have POWER

  52.   yggdra said

    It is very easy to know if it is going to rain or not.
    If the sky is blue, it won't rain.
    If it is blue and clouds appear, you just have to look, if contrails begin to pass through the sky, and I do not mean the small contrails left by commercial aircraft that disappear as the plane progresses, but long contrails that open and a thin cloud is forming ,,,,, goodbye to the rain.
    If you see that there are clouds and it is about to rain and you can see between clear and clear those trails, which I know you will tell me, of condensation, for sure those clouds of water will disappear. again without rain.
    If it is to remove clouds, silver iodide, if it is to raise the temperature of the area, aluminum.
    Curiously, this practice is more visible since Castilla la Mancha has changed its cultivation for grapes, suffered in the vinalopó where I am from, and even associations of farmers, ranchers, and civil guard of Murcia, Alicante, Valencia, Rioja, Balearic Islands denounce these practices.
    And in view of what is said about CO2, there was a time when the earth came to enjoy almost 100% oxygen, (lethal for all living beings in large quantities), at that time the planet's temperature rose so much, causing a big fire. Nothing ever grew afterwards. Known as the Sahara, for example. or deserts, in times of large amounts of CO2, large jungles.

    I didn't believe it. But you just have to look at the sky.

  53.   Jan said

    I think the AMT forecasts for 2017
    they are more conservative than this past year.

    You don't want to get your fingers caught, perfectly normal.

  54.   JUAN ANGEL MORENO said

    Burritos! Before taking for granted the great doctrine imposed by globalization, document yourselves!

    Manipulative False Theory of Global Warming! It has always been a sham! It is outrageous!

    You let yourself be manipulated, you have no idea!

    The truth has always been known, honest scientists have always affirmed it. The primary agent that modifies the climate of this planet is the effect that the star around which it orbits has on its magnetic field.

    Low activity (minimum) solar cycles weaken the field, which allows cosmic rays to reach the upper layers of the atmosphere, generating nitrogen oxides, a cloud-producing agent, altering and blurring the atmospheric transparency, thus cooling, year after year, the atmosphere, accelerating the jet-stream and modifying the trajectory of ocean currents. This weakening of the earth's magnetism also exerts an activating effect on tectonic displacement, that is, it increases planetary seismicity, as well as volcanic activity.

    The phenomenon of reduced atmospheric transparency caused by low solar activity has been seen since 2010. Enough time has passed to overcome the thermal inertia of the oceans in the face of the new scenario. The end of the recent warm period is evident and imminent. The climate will no longer be like it was in the XNUMXth century. That ended.

    From now on, cooling will be unavoidable if, as planned, the next solar cycles of minima occur, consecutively, which is 95% sure!

    It is even very probable, that it constitutes the beginning of the next glaciation itself, if once this cold cycle has elapsed, of a duration that will not be less than two centuries, the longest in the Holocene, the weak inclination of the Earth's orbit on its axis does not allow the solar rays to melt the snow and ice accumulated on the territories of the high latitudes, since these are too parallel to the earth's surface, and the Earth falls into a GLACIATION OF 100.000 YEARS OF DURATION!

  55.   PEDRO said

    Filthy lie, I have lived in Madrid for 20 years, and the climate is terrible, first there is no spring, two there is no autumn, three neither Already this year 2018 there is no summer, there is a pseudo-spring, shit, soon it will become Sweden or one of those totally frozen countries, you will see, that there is no global warming, there is global cooling; (

    and all the conspiracies, Chemtrails and global cooling, obviously I support those who left their grain of sand in these aspects, what Mr. Juan Angel Moreno says, very, very true, re-read what he says
    Fuck NWO!