How long will current climate change last?

Climate Change

Today's climate change started with the Industrial Revolution, but when is it going to end? Climate is highly variable, but when the planet is polluted in the way that humans are currently doing, their 'footprints' will remain on the planet for long time. Perhaps more than any of us could imagine.

Evolution will run its course, even long after the human race has become extinct or has been forced to colonize other planets. But, How long do you think the current climate change will last?

More or less climate change experts have an idea of ​​what will happen in two centuries, but what after? Even just out of curiosity (human beings, as we know, have a life expectancy of 80 years), it is curious to know what will happen after that time. And that is something that has been studied by a team of scientists from the United States and the United Kingdom, whose results have been published in the scientific journal Nature Climate Change.

Some really alarming results: even if carbon dioxide was stopped today, it will continue to influence the climate for thousands of years. They compared data on CO2, global temperature and sea level measurements from the last ice age, and were amazed to see that the effects of climate change would last for 10 years.


As for the global average temperature, this will increase progressively and in 2300 it would reach 7ºC. It would take 10 thousand more years for it to drop slightly, to about 6ºC. The thaw in Greenland and Antarctica would generate a rise in sea level of between 24,8 and 51,8 meters. There is nothing.

The current climate change will make our planet unrecognizable thousands of years from now.

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  1.   Paquito said

    Long trust me.
    It seems to me that they are manipulating us when they give us the impression that the day after tomorrow our streets are going to be full of water.
    It is almost impossible to know what can happen.
    I think they are using us cruelly. The proof is that the North Pole is flown over by a million planes every year, and nothing is said about this ...