Big Bang Theory

Big Bang Theory

How did the universe form? What led to the formation of stars, planets, and galaxies? These are some of the questions that millions of people have asked throughout history. Specifically, scientists want to find an explanation for all the phenomena that exist. From here is born big Bang Theory. For those who do not know yet, it is the theory that explains the origin of our universe. It also collects the explanation of the existence of planets and galaxies.

If you are curious and want to know how our universe was formed, in this post we are going to tell you everything. Would you like to know the Big Bang theory in depth?

Characteristics of the Big Bang theory

Explosion that created the universe

It is also known as Big Bang theory. It is the one that maintains that our universe as we know it began billions of years ago in a great explosion. All the matter existing in the universe today was concentrated in just one point.

From the moment of the explosion, matter began to expand and is still doing so today. Scientists keep repeating that the universe is continually expanding. For this reason, the Big Bang theory includes the theory of the expanding universe. Matter stored at a single point not only began to expand, but also began to form more complex structures. We refer to the atoms and molecules that, little by little, were forming living organisms.

The date of the start of the Big Bang has been estimated by scientists. It had its origin approximately 13.810 million years ago. During this stage in which the universe was just created, it is called the primeval universe. In it, the particles are supposed to have enormous amounts of energy.

With this explosion, the first protons, neutrons and electrons were formed. The protons and neutrons were organized into nuclei of atoms. However, the electrons, given their electrical charge, were organized around them. In this way matter originated.

Formation of stars and galaxies

Formation of stars and galaxies

Our solar system is within the galaxy known as the Milky Way. All the stars that we know today began to form long after the Big Bang.

The first stars are believed to have started to form 13.250 billion years ago. About 550 million years after the explosion they began to appear. The oldest galaxies originated 13.200 billion years ago, which makes them older too. Our solar system, the Sun, and the planets formed 4.600 billion years ago.

Evidences of an expanding universe and the explosion

Expanding universe

To prove that the Big Bang theory makes sense, evidence must be reported that the universe is expanding. These are the evidences in this regard:

  • Olbers paradox: The darkness of the night sky.
  • Hubble's Law: It can be verified by observing that the galaxies are moving away from each other.
  • Homogeneity of the distribution of matter.
  • Tolman effect (variation in surface gloss).
  • Distant supernovae: A temporal dilation is observed in its light curves.

After the moment of the explosion, each particle was expanding and moving away from each other. What happened here was something similar to what happens when we blow up a balloon. As more air we introduce, the air particles expand more and more until they reach the walls.

Theoretical physicists have managed to reconstruct this chronology of events starting at 1 / 100th of a second after the Big Bang. All the matter that was released was composed of the elementary particles that are known. Among them we find the electrons, positrons, mesons, baryons, neutrinos, and photons.

Some more recent calculations indicate that hydrogen and helium were primary products of the explosion. The heavier elements later formed within the stars. As the universe expands, the residual radiation from the Big Bang continues to cool until it reaches a temperature of 3 K (-270 ° C). These vestiges of strong microwave background radiation were detected by radio astronomers in 1965. This is what shows the expansion of the universe.

One of the great doubts of scientists is to solve if the universe is going to expand indefinitely or if it will contract again. Dark matter has great importance in it.

Discoverers and other theories

Types of elements that were in the universe

The theory that the universe is expanding was formulated in 1922 by Alexander Friedmann. He was based on Albert Einstein's (1915) theory of general relativity. Later, in 1927, the Belgian priest Georges Lemaître drew on the work of the scientists Einstein and De Sitter and reached the same conclusions as Friedmann.

Therefore, scientists do not come to another conclusion, only that the universe is expanding.

There are other theories about the creation of the universe that are not as important as this one. However, there are people in the world who believe and consider them to be true. We list them below.

  • Big Crunch theory: This theory bases its foundation on the fact that the expansion of the universe is going to slow down slowly until it begins to retract. It is about the contraction of the universe. This contraction would end in a large implosion known as the Big Crunch. There is not much evidence to support this theory.
  • Oscillating universe: It's about our universe oscillating in a constant Big Bang and Big Crunch.
  • Steady state and continuous creation: It maintains that the universe is expanding and that its density remains constant because there is matter in continuous creation.
  • Inflation theory: It is based on the same characteristics as the Big Bang but it says that there was an initial process. The process is called inflation and the expansion of the universe is faster.

Lastly, there are some people who think that the universe was created by God or some divine entity.

With this article you will learn more about the formation of our universe and expansion. Do you think that one day the universe will stop expanding?

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  1.   Louis Pulido said

    On the origin of the Universe
    There are different theories and hypotheses about the Origin of the Universe, but for me, the universe is unique, and always will be, that it has also existed and will exist; and that it is always in constant transformation, and that we are part of it; where time does not exist, if not transformation into the present moment, which is where the changes that we live take place; If you search the universe for the past or the future, you will never find it, because it is and exists only in the present of our soul, spirit, mind and thought. Time measurements is just a creation of human organization. No one can think in the past or move to it, if not in the thought of what we have perceived and registered as a transformation from what we were to what we are today, in a process of frank and continuous transformation and evolution, where we place our hopes to live better. The human being is not the one to end the Universe; and he will only be a minor agent of transformation, in search of a better quality of life for himself. If one day humans could create a force capable of destroying the planet, they would have to enter the core of it to explode it, and that my dear friend, I think it is and would be impossible, and a true act of self-destruction. This is how I see it!

  2.   Carlos A. Pérez R. said

    Comments should be visible (do not publish this)

  3.   Anyi said

    I believe in God. Explain to me now the theory of how we are formed in the womb of a woman and why the man is the one who makes the woman pregnant, if we are the creation of the bing bang because other human beings are born from sex

  4.   Jaime Ferres said

    It seems to me that believing in the creation of the Universe is perfectly compatible with the Big Bang theory. God existed before the Big Bang, and he was the one who caused the big bang: it was He who made all matter and all energy in that instant. Then began the great expansion, and cooling that scientists explain to us.
    But Creator God explains why the explosion occurred.
    In the Bible it is described in figurative language that creation was made in stages. That allegorical description is compatible with the Big Bang explanation.

    1.    Leongm21 said

      If God only created Adam and Eve at the beginning of everything, and they reproduced and later their children and grandchildren, but God does not agree with the relationships between the family, how would everything continue to arise?

  5.   Benito Albares said

    The big bang creates the universe, life appears in the form of micro organisms, micro organisms evolve (it would explain all the possessed but it seems that your mind does not give much) organisms discover that the most effective way to reproduce is in a viviparous way, for that 2 organisms are needed, a male and a female, a sperm and an egg come together and create another living being. IN OTHER WORDS WE WERE NOT CREATED BY THE BIG BANG, THE BIG BANG CREATED THE UNIVERSE AND WE WERE NOT CREATED BY THIS.

  6.   Jesus christ first said

    Mix of theories.
    God: I am the Alpha and the Omega. (Big Bang) Genesis: the Creation of the Universe. At first God created the heavens - (I mean the universe because the sky is not the blue Ozone layer) - ... and the darkness - (the darkness) - covered the beam of the abyss- (empty) - .. God said: there is light and there was light (electrons. Neutrons. Protons) ... and he separated it from darkness (explosion and expansion) to light called day and darkness night (from the explosion, a primary product emerged which was hydrogen and helium (creation of water) and then the rest they know from the Bible ... God has some extraterrestrial called archangels and requests a volunteer and Luz Bella "Lucifer" is offered so that through a spiritual resolution the created human is tempted to choose good and evil ... total that we are currently Reptilians visit from the third galaxy and leave information that the God we believe is Nature, air, water, earth, fire, among others ... we are full of theories and it is determined by humans who have evidence only that we are born and die beginning and end Alpha and Omega big Bang