What types of tornadoes are there?


The tornadoes They are meteorological phenomena that terrify and attract many people alike. And they are the most destructive force of nature, capable of reaching 400 kilometers per hour while destroying everything in its path.

But, although they all seem the same, there are actually different types of tornadoes. Let us know what they are.

Types of tornadoes


Multiple vortex tornado

It is a tornado in which two or more moving air columns revolve around a common center. They can appear in any air circulation, but are more frequent in intense tornadoes.


Also known as a water hose, it is a tornado that is on the water. They form in tropical and subtropical waters, in cloud bases called cumulus congestus.

Land barrage

Also called non-supercellular tornado, tornado, or funnel cloud, or landspout in English, is a tornado that is not associated with a mesocyclone. They have a short life span, and a cold condensation funnel that does not usually touch the ground.

They are usually weaker than classic tornadoes, but don't get too close as they can cause significant damage.

They look like tornadoes ... but they aren't


There are several formations that appear to be tornadoes, but are actually not:


It is a small vertical eddy that is associated with a gust front or a downburst. They are not connected to the base of a cloud, so they are not considered tornadoes.

Dust or sand swirl

It is a vertical column of air that revolves around itself as it moves, but unlike tornadoes, forms under clear skies.

Fire swirl

They are circulations that develop near wildfires, and they are not considered tornadoes unless they connect with a cumuliform cloud.

Steam swirl

It is a very rare phenomenon to see. It is formed from smoke emitted by the chimneys of a power plant. It can also occur in hot springs, when cold air meets warm water.

Have you heard of this type of tornado?

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