Squall Gloria

stormy glory from satellite

Today we are going to talk about one of the strongest storms that hit Spain in 2020. It is about stormy glory. It is the first of the major storms added last year. There are many reasons for it to remind us of DANA that occurred in September 2019. The amount of damage left by this storm, along with wind, snow, rain and heavy swell has made the storm Gloria one of the most extreme events.

In this article we are going to tell you all the characteristics, origin and consequences of the storm Gloria.

Origin and causes of the storm Gloria

stormy glory

It is a winter storm that has extreme weather characteristics due to its strong wind, rain, snow and strong waves that it caused. Meteorological experts predicted that this storm would break some records on some of the most important atmospheric variables studied in a storm. Although it is considered a small storm, it was very violent.

It is a cyclone that brings together an amalgam of extreme phenomena as a result of the combination of cold air at all levels of the troposphere. We remember that the troposphere is the lowest layer of the atmosphere that has a thickness of approximately 10 kilometers and starts from the earth's surface. It is in this part of the Earth's atmosphere that meteorological events occur. The combination of cold air at all levels of the troposphere and humidity from the Mediterranean makes the snowfalls have been very copious at lower elevations. This storm has also stood out due to the maritime storm in the Mediterranean area of ​​the peninsula and in the Balearic Islands.

To know well the formation of the storm Gloria we must start from the mass of cold air that has generated it. This cold air mass at different heights interact with the anticyclone of the British Isles, generating between them a flow of very strong winds. These two go accompanied by quite abrupt pressure changes and very cold winds They come from the northern part of the continent. The intensity of the wind and the difference in pressure cause the origin of storms and heavy snowfalls, even at lower elevations.

The most normal thing is that this type of storm is common in winter, but the extraordinary thing in this situation is that it is too violent. Basically it is due to an extreme anticyclone and even very strong cold winds. Both phenomena are promoted by a climate that favors the most radical elements at the meteorological level.

Aftermath of the storm Gloria

malaga shattered by glory

It all started in September 2019. The first extreme storms were seen with the DANA of the year 2016. The forecasts for the future are that these meteorological events will be more and more intense. It doesn't have to be due to a greater increase in frequency, but rather intensity. Due to the negative effects of climate change on the Earth's atmosphere, these types of extreme meteorological events can occur with increasing intensity.

The meteorological alerts began to flood all the media since there were numerous deaths throughout the territory and hundreds of thousands of euros in damage and injuries. It has been the damage caused in shops and cities, in addition to roads and infrastructures that has surprised the most.

In the face of the many more serious damage each time, people wonder if these climatic events can cause more damage. We do not know if we are prepared to deal with these damages that the following extreme weather events can cause. And is that were two strong climatic events in a period of 6 months. There is not much data on how the frequency of extreme weather events will vary due to climate change. Experts have traditionally been concerned with structures and buildings closest to the coastline due to fear of rising sea levels. And it is that all these factors must be taken into account when planning the territory.

If a city is not prepared for such a phenomenon, the damage could be much more serious and completely unavoidable. The data indicate that a hurricane could occur in the years to come. But known smaller, but no less harmful, we have the storm Gloria. Although it was a smaller storm, it did cause some unexpected damage. DANA demonstrated certain events that can be very catastrophic.

Study of possible extreme phenomena

maritime storm

It must be taken into account that there must be studies related to the effects of climate change in the future. Everyone These extreme weather events have occurred with some frequency throughout history. However, you are not always prepared for its consequences. Some experts attribute the guilt of being unprepared due to the short meteorological memory we have. You have to know that the meteorological records began in the year 1800 onwards and there is not a too dense climatic history.

This lack of data can cause problems in the future. And it is that, we must insist on studying well the extreme events that have always existed. The trend is that they are becoming more intense and can cause more damage. Given this, cities and towns must have damage containment plans in place so that all these extreme weather events minimize damage.

Climate change begins with the rise in average temperatures of the entire planet. If the temperatures change, it changes the entire dynamics of the atmosphere. As more heat is in the atmosphere, more greenhouse gases are accumulating day after day. All these variables, make the climate scenario totally different with a gradual change, but faster and faster. If we do not stop the effects of climate change, the scenario will change drastically. No matter how much technology the human being has, changes in the climate occur in a more rapid and unpredictable way.

Therefore, it is essential to protect yourself against the following storms that we may have. I hope that with this information you can learn more about the storm Gloria and its characteristics.

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