Green Thunder

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Our atmosphere is full of mysteries science has to solve. It is essential to know the behavior of the atmosphere to know with certainty what happens before inventing anything. One of the atmospheric phenomena of themes has arisen legends this green Thunder. Although many people still believe that it is not real, but the result of the invention of sailors, there are certain particular conditions for it to be seen.

In this article we are going to tell you everything you need to know about the green ray, we were going to discover what the mysteries that encompass it are.

What is the green ray

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One of the most legendary atmospheric phenomena is the green ray. Many people still believe that it is not real, but the result of an invention of sailors who for a long time claim to have seen it on trips. Its elusive characteristics are mainly due to the very special conditions that must be met to see it, which means that many people have not achieved it despite having witnessed many sunsets and sunrises. If the air is very calm, there is almost no atmospheric turbulence, and we are located high up, preferably in front of the oceanic horizon, the best conditions to observe it can be achieved.

Much has been said about the green ray, since everyone who observes it at that moment has the ability to read the thoughts of the people who accompany it. The most deeply rooted beliefs are those that allude to love. For example, some people say that the person who observes the green ray at sunset is the true lover, or if a couple observes this phenomenon at the same time, they will love each other for the rest of their lives. This last legend circulated in Scotland in the mid-XNUMXth century when it reached the French novelist Jules Verne, who traveled to that country before becoming a world-famous writer, took hold and many years later wrote a famous novel.

Green ray observation

sunsets with bet

Difficulties in observing the elusive optical phenomenon in the mist-shrouded Scottish land guide the character through different adventures to achieve the ultimate goal. Two Scottish bachelors have their niece in their custody. A young orphan named Elena Campbell was suggested to marry a beautiful young scientist named Aristobulus Ucikras. She doesn't know if she loves him, so she lets her uncle take her to try the green ray, because then Your doubts will be dispelled and you will know if you have true love for him. You have to read to the end of the novel to find the answer.

Since the publication of the book "The Green Ray", this unique atmospheric optical phenomenon has aroused the interest of many readers, including some scientists who are in charge of unraveling its mystery and uncovering the physical reasons for it. From a descriptive point of view, it consists of a flash of green - although sometimes it takes on a blue hue - only one or two seconds long, emerging from the upper edge of the sun, lunar disk or planet, just as it approaches. Once those seconds lasts, it disappears below the horizon.

The air must be calm, in this case the layer of air near the horizon is like a prism, which causes the separation of colors that form the white light of the stars. At a certain height above the horizon, the interval between discs of different colors is very small, and we cannot perceive it, but in fact, the red disc is closer to the horizon than the purple disc. As the stars get closer to the horizon and become blurred, the separation of these monochromatic discs increases. In the center of the disc all the colors are superimposed to reproduce the white light, but at the top edge the violet and blue discs stand out a bit.

Because these colors match the background colors of the sky, when the stars go down a bit, the color that reaches our eyes is green, which is the next color in the visible spectrum. Their legends aside, those lucky enough to see the flash of the emerald can be sure they will be temporarily attracted and fascinated.


green Thunder

The green beam is a type of green light that can be seen in a second or two when the sun goes down or the sun starts to rise, and can be seen right at the position of the sun. This type of meteorological phenomenon is easier to observe in a clear atmosphere and the light can reach the observer more directly without scattering.

This green light, which is seen as a flash or green light, is produced by the refraction of light as it passes through the atmosphere. It turns out that light at low altitudes travels more slowly because air is denser than air at high altitudes. These solar rays have a curved displacement to follow the curvature of the earth. High-frequency green and blue light has a greater curvature than low-frequency light that exhibits red and orange. Therefore, the green and blue solar rays are located in the upper layer of the sun, and are visible on the horizon for a longer time, while on the other hand, the lower frequency sun rays are visible in red and orange and are covered by the horizon.

Can you see it on the moon?

When the sun sets, it is unusual to see thin green flashes on the Sun. We know this is due to a visible weather phenomenon called a green ray. This phenomenon occurs near Glowing astronomical objects like sun, moon, Jupiter, Venus, etc. Although you can see this phenomenon when the sun goes down. It's hard to see it when the moon triggers it.

However, in Chile, Gerhard Hüdepohl, a photography engineer, was able to capture images from terrestrial satellites and, from around the European Southern Observatory (ESO) on Mount Paranal, took images of green flashes on the upper edge of the Moon.

I hope that with this information you can learn more about the green ray and its characteristics.

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