Advantages of sustainable development


The concept of sustainable development gained popularity some three decades ago, particularly in 1987, when it was used in the World Environment Council's Brundtland report "Our Common Future", which defined it as meeting current needs without compromising future needs. . There are numerous sustainable development benefits long term.

This is the reason why we are going to dedicate this article to tell you about the advantages of sustainable development, its characteristics and importance.

What is

benefits of sustainable development

Sustainability is the concept of not consuming more than what is available. This means that If we want to protect our natural resources and the environment, we must consider what we consume.

The environment is the physical space around us, including land and water. It is important that we take care of it, otherwise it will be over soon. One way to protect the environment is to use renewable energy sources like solar power or wind turbines instead of fossil fuels like coal or oil that pollute the air and destroy ecosystems.

United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

On September 25, 2015, all United Nations member states adopted the 2030 Agenda at the United Nations General Assembly.

This is a new global development 'action plan' jointly developed by 193 world leaders and adopted as a resolution by 189 member states. Establishes 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) aimed at eradicating poverty, combating inequality and injustice and tackling climate change by 2030.

The Agenda sets specific goals and actions for governments, international organizations, civil society and individuals to achieve. It is based on the experiences and expectations of the world's people, whom we have closely consulted in preparing the agenda.

The Sustainable Development Goals are an ambitious and far-reaching set of development goals, from eradicating extreme poverty and hunger to creating jobs and reducing inequality.

Sustainable development or economic growth


The world economy must discuss what is more important: sustainable development or economic growth. In the past, the focus was on economic growth. This means that companies ignore the environmental and social costs of production in order to achieve a higher return on investment.

However, this is no longer a practical decision given the irreparable damage that this model has caused in the environmental and social spheres in recent years. For example, some companies have begun to take steps in sustainability to make their businesses greener and attract customers interested in these topics.

Still, it's one of the biggest challenges to overcome because it puts leaders at a crossroads between getting more jobs and respecting sustainability.

Technology is key to growth and sustainability. As human beings, we have a responsibility to ensure that it is used sustainably. The best way to do this is educating the next generation on how to use all the new technologies to benefit the planet and others.

Advantages of sustainable development

objectives and benefits of sustainable development

Reviewing the strengths and weaknesses of sustainable development allows us to better answer this question, while helping us to understand the different dimensions of the concept. beyond its simplistic and idyllic definition, which is actually incomplete.

Among the virtues of sustainable development we must obviously mention its objectives, perhaps utopian, but at the same time necessary to save the planet from a major crisis. To do this, it proposes a viable solution harmonizing economic, social and environmental aspects.

Considering any of these problems in isolation will sooner or later lead us to a dead end. On the contrary, taking care of the environment and its resources without giving up social and economic progress is synonymous with sustainability and can avoid disastrous consequences.

The proliferation of sustainable products and services has the advantage of creating a better world for all, not only more sustainable, but also more ethical. In an environment moving towards sustainability, governments must be held accountable and citizens must be better informed and ask important questions as consumers.

Disadvantages of sustainable development

One of the main obstacles to the application of sustainable policies is the duality that exists between the need for solutions and strategies that transcend national borders, since this is a collaboration that does not occur today, much less a sign of a promising future.

Unfortunately, the current patterns of world production and consumption run counter to the direction required by sustainable development policies. However, gold is not what glitters, and there is a lot of negativity in sustainable politics.

Governance itself must face constant uncertainty, as many aspects must come together to achieve results that achieve the desired sustainability.

Also, even the tools considered more sustainable, such as organic farming or renewable energy, have a host of drawbacks that need to be wisely overcome to really help achieve sustainability.

So while sustainable development can help eradicate global poverty, adjust social inequalities, meet human needs more equitably, and reorient technology to respect the planet and ensure its long-term viability, there are also disadvantages.

Among other things, the required mindset shift would hurt big business, which would mean it would require a radical change in society, a change so big it's hard to believe it's going to happen.

The objective of the theory of sustainable development is not to abuse nature and the human being, nor to turn the economy into a tool for the enrichment of a few, a paradigm that today invites us to dream and, of course, to strive to achieve this goal. aim. A better world is possible.

As you can see, sustainable development can be achieved if everyone works together. I hope that with this information you can learn more about the advantages of sustainable development and its importance.

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