The effects that would have if Antarctic volcanoes erupted

Mount Takahen from Antarctica

Mount takahe

Antarctica is the southernmost continent on Earth, turning its surface into an icy blanket. Although some volcanoes have been known for years, new satellite data have reported that under that ice there are about 100 more that were unknown. A study published in the United States National Academy of Sciences reported an important fact that it happened 18.000 years ago. Paleoclimatic scientists investigated some massive eruptions of Mount Takahe, which ceased the last ice age there was.

From the records found in the ice, the eruptions were found to be halogen-rich and consumed enough ozone to surely create a substantial hole in the ozone layer. It was then that an accelerated deglaciation began, which also pointed to Mount Takahe itself as the center as responsible. The Extensive consequences were also found 2.800km from the site of the eruption, and its effects reached the subtropics.

What could we expect if more than one volcano erupted?

antarctic penguin active volcano

The situation would be greatly aggravated. And although it is unlikely that more than one eruption occurred simultaneously, it is not an impossible event. On the one hand we have the volcanoes that are on the surface, how would Mount Takahe, and more internal ones known to be active but not erupting. In this case, which is more likely to have future eruptions, for it to cause instability they would have to act in greater numbers and violence of course.

What we would find would be a rapid surface thaw. If violent eruptions occur, there would be the risk that new volcanoes would erupt. The thaw, already more considerable, would increase sea levels. The oceanic corridor, which is the oceanic water circuit that distributes temperatures, would be altered, affecting a large part of marine species. By not dissipating the heat so much Antarctica, the temperature would increase substantially throughout the world, especially in the southern hemisphere. That would be the Domino effect What is feared would occur, a feedback loop, the more thaw, the more likely it is that other volcanoes will erupt. One of the few cases in which volcanoes, without reaching the category of supervolcanoes, would abruptly destabilize the global climate.

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