Rainbow colors

Rainbow colors

There is nothing more beautiful than getting up in the morning and seeing the arco iris, truth? This phenomenon is one of the most interesting, especially considering that it only occurs on Venus and here, on planet Earth.

How is it formed? Which are the Rainbow colors and in what order do they appear? From this and more We are going to talk here, in this special, about one of the meteorological phenomena that has most captivated and still captivates humanity today.

The human eye, capable of seeing amazing phenomena

Visible light spectrum

To understand what, how it is formed and the colors of the rainbow that are seen, I would not like to start the article without first telling you a little how our eyes see. In this way, it will be easier for you to understand it and, surely, the next time you see one again, you will enjoy it much more.

Believe it or not, the human eye is one of the best works of nature (yes, even if you have to wear contact lenses). Our eyes are very sensitive to light (which by the way, is white, that is, it is made up of the colors red, green and blue), but what seems to us to be one color is actually another. Why? Because they absorb a part of the light that illuminates the object, and reflect another smaller part; In other words, if we see a white object, what we really see are the basic colors of the spectrum mixed, on the other hand, if the object is black, it is because it absorbs all the electromagnetic radiation of the visible spectrum.

And what is the visible spectrum? It is not more than an electromagnetic spectrum that the human eye is capable of perceiving. This radiation is known as visible light, and it is what we can see or distinguish. A typical healthy eye will be able to respond to wavelengths from 390 to 750nm.

what is the rainbow?

This beautiful phenomenon occurs when the sun's rays pass through the small particles of water that are suspended in the atmosphere., thus creating an arc of colors in the sky. When a ray is intercepted by a drop of water, it decomposes it into the colors of the visible spectrum, and at the same time, it deflects it; In other words, the ray of sunlight is refracted both when it enters the drop and when it leaves. For this reason, the beam again travels the same path of arrival. In addition, part of the light refracted as it enters the drop is reflected back into it, and is refracted again when it leaves.

Each drop looks one colorTherefore, those that are seen from it are grouped together to create one of the most beautiful spectacles of nature.

What are the colors of the rainbow?

The Rainbow colors there are seven, and the first color of the rainbow is red. TOthey appear in this order:

  • Red color:
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Green. Green gives way to the so-called cold colors.
  • Azul
  • Indigo
  • Violeta

When it occurs?

Rainbows They occur on days when it rains (usually it is usually slightly cloudy), or when the atmospheric humidity is very high. In both cases, the king star is visible in the sky, and we will always have it at our back.

Can there be double rainbows?

Rainbow colors

Double rainbows are not very common, but they can be seen from time to time. They are formed from the sun's ray that enters the lower half of the drop and then be returned after giving two internal bounces. In doing so, the rays cross and exit the drop in reverse order, giving rise to the 7 colors of the rainbow, but inverted. This second one looks weaker than the first, but it will look better than the third if instead of two internal pots there are three.

The space that is seen between arches is called »Alejandro's Dark Zone».

Curiosities about the rainbow

Rainbow seen from the sea

This phenomenon has been happening for millions and millions of years, but the reality is that until three centuries ago no one had tried to give him a scientific explanation. Until then, it had been considered a gift that God gave to human beings after the Universal Flood (according to the Old Testament), it was also seen as a necklace that would remind Gilgamesh of the flood (according to "The Epic of Gilgamesh"), and for the Greeks she was a messenger goddess between heaven and earth called Iris.

More recently, in 1611, Antoinius de Demini put forward his theory, which was later refined by René Descartes. But it was not they who exposed the official theory of the formation of the rainbow, but Isaac Newton.

This great scientist was able to show with the help of a prism that white light from the sun contains the colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. The colors of the rainbow.

Have you ever seen a double rainbow? Do you already know what the colors of the rainbow are?

Discover the Píleo clouds, some beauties with the colors of the rainbow:

pileus pileus cloud with rainbow
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