When it comes to popular culture and meteorology, quite interesting concepts are born. One of the concepts that has been created in recent years is that of veroño. By his word you can see what he means quite easily. This is the time of year in September and October where temperatures do not correspond to their season. It can be said that it is the mix between summer and autumn.

In this article we are going to tell you what veroño is, what its characteristics are and where this concept began to emerge.

What is veroño

heat of day cold of night

It is a concept used in popular culture to refer to the early months of the autumn season where temperatures do not match that season. The veroño meets the environmental conditions that take place in autumn but with temperatures as if it were still summer. You can hear many people in the street saying expressions such as "goodbye summer, hello veroño" or "we will still have veroño for a while."

It can be said that it is a mixture of autumn and summer and it has become a very used word to name these days when it was hot in the morning and it began to cool in the afternoon. The same you can eat perfectly chestnut is the town square in the afternoon and evening as you can eat an ice cream on the beach during the morning and noon. This was formerly known as the summer of San Miguel that took place at the end of September and beginning of October and refers to the warm temperatures of summer in autumn times.

Origin of veroño

beach in autumn

To try to find the origin of this concept, we must go back to 2009 and the social network of Twitter. It is here where the first months began where the temperatures did not correspond at all with the season of the year where we were. Over the years This concept has been gaining more importance and reached its peak in 2015. Since then this concept has been introduced in many articles and reports and increasingly used in popular culture.

It can be said that it is an easy way to define that time of year where the temperatures are abnormally high than what we are used to. I also have to take into account the generation in which we find ourselves. Those born after the year 2000 they are not as aware of the change in temperatures that climate change is causing, since they are still very young and have no older record. Those 30 years and older are more aware of the temperature changes caused by climate change.

We know that global warming is increasing global average temperatures and that the cold seasons are becoming less cold. This makes the summer time last longer than normal. However, during the afternoon and at night when the sun sets it is already strong enough to warm up at noon, we can see that the temperatures are back to how they should be for the time we are in.

However, despite the fact that the word is being used more and more by popular culture, the real Spanish academy has not yet been found. It is not recognized as an official word, so it is just a popular concept. It's a pretty easy way to refer to this time. The fact that veroño is not yet included in the dictionary, does not mean that it cannot be in the future. In fact, many terms that are used in the street have gone into the dictionary. For example, some words like amigovio or papichulo. Amigovio means that person with whom you have a relationship that has a lesser commitment than a courtship.

Popular concepts

clothes in veroño

It also depends on the area where you live that these concepts are used more often or not. Another concept included in the Royal Spanish Academy is that of papichulo. It is about a man who, due to his physical attractiveness, is the object of desire either by men or women.

And it is that the real Spanish academy does not make it very clear what are the criteria that are needed for a word to be included in the list. It seems that a large majority of people speak of a certain word regularly and register it. This is not as simple as it seems. The plenary of the academics must agree to know if the word is suitable or not suitable to be included in the list. There have been some controversies when it comes to including words like pepero, culamen and squat.

It is not surprising that with the passage of time the concept of veroño can be included as an official word.

Where does it affect the most?

When introducing veroño into our lives, we must also know in which places it occurs with greater frequency and intensity. Keep in mind that inland towns and cities have a greater range of temperatures between and night. The thermal amplitude is given by the absence of sea that can regulate the temperature and smooth its changes. Therefore, throughout the day we can see much higher temperatures and at night a more pronounced decline.

On the other hand, in more coastal cities the presence of veroño is somewhat softer. That is to say, The difference in temperatures between those at noon and in the afternoon is not so noticeable depending on the season of the year in which we are. For example, while perhaps in an inland city there are sudden changes in temperature of more than 15 degrees between day and night, in a coastal city there are less.

As you can see, popular culture creates concepts to be able to receive those special situations that a man has not had until now. I hope that with this information you can learn more about what veroño is and what its characteristics are.

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