The Iberian oven

diagram of a heat wave

You have probably heard of the Iberian oven. These expressive words have given the name of an atmospheric phenomenon that affects Spain y Portugal frequently in summer. As you will have deduced from the name itself, its result is always a significant rise in temperatures.

Precisely, meteorologists expect it to occur in the near future. it will be the second heat wave of this summer. But, in addition, this new rise in temperatures threatens to be historic. We are going to talk to you about the Iberian oven and this wave below.

What is the Iberian oven?


As its name implies, the Iberian oven causes very high temperatures

As we told you, this denomination is received for the increase in temperatures caused by a dorsal. In turn, this name is given to the elongation of a high pressure front that produces clear weather and little rainfall. That is, we are talking about an anticyclone.

Well, the anticyclone located in the upper layers of the atmosphere sends air to the lower ones. This, being forced to descend, heats up and gives rise to temperatures. Also, sometimes the Iberian oven is combined with a domo, a meteorological concept that is also linked to heat waves.

The latter also occurs when the air masses are pushed down by high pressure causing their heating. But, in addition, the heat dome prevents that air from rising, leaving it fixed in the lower parts of the atmosphere. To explain it to you in an obvious way, it is as if a bell was placed on a surface. The air that remains inside and that has been previously heated cannot escape. And, in addition, the sun's rays heat up that area even more.

Likewise, other experts exemplify the heat dome with the image of a Express pot, since the physical phenomenon that occurs is similar. But as important as understanding these concepts is that you know what is going to happen in Spain in the coming days, because we must be prepared for a strong heat wave.

The coming heat wave

Sunny day

The Iberian oven is caused by an anticyclone that brings sun and good weather

The first thing we must explain to you is that this new heat wave is peculiar. Indeed, it has to do with the Iberian oven, but its mass of air is still curious. Because it comes from the north, which would suggest that it is cold. Specifically, that air has three sources: Atlantic, North African and Subpolar. Therefore, it should not be so hot.

However, an isolated anticyclone has been found in the upper layers of the atmosphere. This has caused the air to descend and heat up, just as we told you when explaining the Iberian oven. Also, it will get very hot due to the high insolation rates of this summer time already the lack of strong winds. As a result, this weekend and the first few days of next are going to be very hot. How much? We explain it to you below.

What will this wave be like?

Ebro Valley

Valle del Ebro, one of the areas most affected by the heat wave

The second heat wave of this summer will be short but very intense. On Saturday, July XNUMX, temperatures will begin to rise in the eastern part of the Peninsula and in the Balearic Islands. But, already on Sunday, the Iberian oven will be generalized to all of Spain. Only the north will be saved, where it will also be hot, but not as hot as in the south.

For example, on the last day mentioned, temperatures will reach 35 degrees Celsius in regions such as Andalusia y Estremadura, but also in the Ebro valley and Majorca island. On Monday a greater rise will be appreciated, with measurements of 38 degrees in those areas. Likewise, in some of them, local hot winds can raise temperatures up to 44 or 45. However, the Mediterranean coast, if the winds blow, will not get so hot.

On the other hand, where the african air, temperatures will be even higher. In addition, it can bring with it some haze. As you know, this name is given to the atmospheric phenomenon that consists of the existence of numerous particles suspended in the air. They give it a cloudy and yellowish appearance because they are mainly sand and dust.

It is very common in Canary Islands, where does it come from Sahara. But, sometimes, it extends to the Peninsula. But it is more important that we know how long this new heat wave or Iberian oven will last.

When will this Iberian oven episode end?

La Rambla

La Rambla (Córdoba), where the highest temperature in our country has been recorded

Already next Wednesday, July XNUMX, temperatures will begin to drop in some parts of Spain. But will be starting thursday when we appreciate a gradual and smooth general decrease in heat that will continue until Saturday. However, above all in the south and in the Ebro valley temperatures will continue to be high. In any case, and without wishing to be alarmist, it is important to be prepared for this new episode of heat. Because some experts even talk about it can be historical, with temperatures that are not usually seen much. We already told you that in some areas they can reach 45 degrees Celsius.

You must bear in mind that the heat record in our country is in the 47,6 registered in 2021 in La Rambla, province of Cordova. Therefore, we would be talking about this wave of similar temperatures. What's more, some predictions even increase these figures. Some of them suggest that, in certain areas of the Guadalquivir valley it will come up to 46 or 47 degrees. These temperatures could occur on Monday and, more specifically, would be recorded in the aforementioned hydrographic basin, between Cordova y Jaén.

In any case, it is very important that we protect ourselves from so much heat. Scientists recommend not leaving home in the central hours of the day. And, if you have to, spend little time outside and never in the sun. Otherwise, we could suffer the fearsome heatstroke. Likewise, we must drink a lot of water and avoid intense efforts.

In conclusion, the Iberian oven threatens to leave very high temperatures is Spain. We have the consolation that it will only be a few days. But we have to take care of ourselves before its effects. It will not be the last heat wave that we suffer in our country before the end of the summer. Therefore, protect yourself from high temperatures.

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