Rains and floods in Greece


Hen/Stag rains and floods in Greece caused by storm Daniel have surpassed in intensity the DANA we live in Spain some days ago. When we were still surprised by the virulence of this, the Hellenic phenomenon has arrived to show us that it could still intensify.

Because both events have the same origin: precisely, the DANA that we have just mentioned and that, in its movement, has reached the eastern coasts of the Mediterranean. In fact, these rains and floods in Greece They have also wreaked havoc in Bulgaria and Türkiye. Next, we are going to explain everything you need to know about them.

The DANA and the origin of the storm Daniel

DANA are the initials of atmospheric depression at high levels. As its name indicates, it is produced by the collision of cold air masses at altitude with hotter ones on the surface. This causes instability and the creation of clouds which, in turn, cause strong storms. After passing through Spain causing the havoc that we have seen, the DANA continued advancing through the Mediterranean and, now close to the country, Heleno caused the storm Daniel, in turn responsible for the great rains and floods in Greece. Therefore, this atmospheric depression at high levels is responsible for what happened both there and in our country.

Going deeper, we will tell you that the ultimate cause of this situation is the pattern in omega which is a relatively common situation in meteorology. However, with the climate change is intensifying. It is called this because it creates a diagram similar to this Greek letter (Ω). In the middle, there is a high pressure or anticyclonic area that provides good weather. But the parts that are on the sides have the opposite pressures. Therefore, these are storms or even DANAS.

Both the anticyclones and the storms generated by this situation in Omega are increasingly stronger. As a result, there are heat waves that we have seen this summer and also the big rains that have also affected us.

Rains and floods in Greece: the passage of storm Daniel

Once we have explained to you why this terrible storm occurred over the skies of Greece, we are going to show you its devastating effects. The first thing we must point out is that the Hellenic authorities warned about what was coming. But its intensity has been such that not even the most doomsayers could have predicted it accurately.

In fact, before the storm arrived, the Greek Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, pointed out that it was going to be extremely difficult to face the situation that awaited them. And he urged citizens to follow the advice he gave them Civil Protection. However, all they have been overwhelmed due to the magnitude of the phenomenon.

In numerous areas of the center of the country, rainfall has exceeded 400 liters per square meter. But in regions like those of Tresalia rainfall has reached 754. More specifically, the first was exceeded in some cities such as carditsa o Trikala and in mountain towns like Makrinitsa. But the record of 754 was in the village of Zagorá. As you will understand, such an amount of water in such a short period of time has had devastating effects.

The effects of the storm

Daniel has had tragic effects on the Hellenic population. His authorities are already talking about fifteen fatalities and they even assume that more will appear. And that, between September XNUMXth and XNUMXth, the firefighters counted a total of 4250 people rescued. But the rains and floods in Greece have affected an area of ​​720 square kilometers and many towns have been submerged under water. Therefore, we will have to wait for these to finish descending to be able to quantify the degree of the catastrophe.

And this despite the fact that some towns had been evacuated in anticipation of the arrival of rainfall. This is the case of the aforementioned town of Makrinitsa, to which its neighbors have not yet been able to return with guarantees. Some who have done it talk about having to climb a mountain of obstacles and even avoid falling rocks.

Other people, who have not wanted to move from their homes, have been isolated and it has not yet been possible to access some of them. Because, as usually happens in these cases, the brutal force of the water It has destroyed roads, bridges and even walls and the houses themselves. Likewise, supplies have been suspended in many areas.

For example, the city of Volos, which is in Magnesia and which has almost seventy thousand inhabitants, was without running water or electricity. In fact, the Minister of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection, Vasilis Kizilias, has pointed out that the phenomenon has been "unprecedented" and that the damage to the infrastructure has been "enormous" and could exceed one billion euros. And all this without mentioning how it has affected agriculture, since the main growing areas of the country are in the most affected areas.

Precisely, one of the authorities' greatest concerns is that there were many migrant workers employed in the countryside and who lived in improvised huts and shacks. They could have been swept away by the floods. As some were not registered, it will be more difficult to know their whereabouts.

Floods in Bulgaria and Türkiye

On the other hand, the rains were also very virulent and caused flooding in Bulgaria y Türkiye. In this last country, in addition, they have occurred when it had not yet recovered from the brutal earthquake from a few months ago. There, the areas most affected by the water were the province of kirkrelic and, above all, the tourist town of Igneated, where several fatalities have been recorded. But the rains also flooded neighborhoods in the capital, Istanbul.

As for the Bulgaria, the floods have also caused havoc. Specifically, the most affected area has been the Black Sea coast, where the city of Tsarevo has suffered serious damage. Furthermore, in this southeastern part of the country there are numerous campsites that have been flooded and have died. four people.

In conclusion, the rains and floods in Greece They have been devastating. But Storm Daniel has also had tragic consequences in Türkiye y Bulgaria. Now they will have to face the reconstruction of the affected areas, the cost of which is estimated, only in the first of these countries and as we have told you, at around one billion euros.

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