Chance of being struck by lightning

Chance of being struck by lightning

While it is highly unlikely, but not completely out of the realm of possibility, for lightning to strike a person, there have been documented cases of injuries and deaths resulting from such events during thunderstorms. For example, in 2020, a motorcyclist tragically lost his life in Valencia due to an electric shock suffered by lightning while driving. In 2015 an incident took place at a festival in Germany, where 33 people were injured as a result of a lightning strike. Many people wonder what is the probability of being struck by lightning.

Therefore, in this article we are going to tell you what the probability is that lightning strikes you and what happened.

Chance of being struck by lightning

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The statistical probability of being struck by lightning is incredibly low: Experts determine the odds are 1 in 3.000.000. In terms of susceptibility to these weather events, men are 5 percent more likely than women. Curiously, the majority of people affected by these meteorological phenomena are in the age range of 15 to 35 years, with men being the predominant demographic group.

Considering that a significant portion of people who are struck by lightning are involved in construction or agricultural occupations, it is reasonable to conclude that there is a correlation between these factors. Now, let's look at the question of when one is most susceptible to lightning.

Although total security is a difficult goal to achieve, certain periods of time carry greater risks, aligned with the seasons in which storms are most frequent. The summer months, especially July, and the late afternoon hours witness the greatest impact of lightning on people.

Where is lightning most likely to occur?

lightning strikes you

In the event of an unexpected storm, it is advisable to know the typical places where lightning usually strikes. This knowledge will allow you to seek shelter in a timely manner. Areas with high levels of humidity, such as the ocean, lakes, and forested regions, are more prone to lightning strikes. The presence of water improves electrical conductivity, making these places more favorable for electrical discharges.

Contrary to popular belief, the idea that most people struck by lightning die is actually unfounded. In reality, only a mere 10% succumb to this unfortunate event, mainly as a result of suffering a heart attack. Predominant injuries include burns, trauma, neurological complications, as well as muscle, skin or eye conditions.

The mortality rate of people struck by lightning is barely 10%, and most deaths are attributed to heart attacks.

What to do in case of a thunderstorm?

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Our initial task is to locate a place of refuge. In the absence of suitable options, it is advisable to refrain from seeking shelter under a tree. The optimal position for safety involves sitting with both feet together, while resting your head against your chest or placing it between your knees.

To ensure your safety during a storm, it is essential to avoid lying on the ground, as this will increase your vulnerability to lightning. Instead, Take necessary precautions by covering your ears and closing your eyes to protect yourself from the potential dangers of lightning. Be patient and wait for the storm to subside.

Many people wonder if it is safe to touch someone who has been struck by lightning. The answer is yes, You should know that people who are struck by lightning do not get electrocuted.. Although the ideal is to wait for a doctor to treat the affected person, first aid can be provided if you are in a very remote area and have the knowledge.

Is it more likely to be struck by lightning than to be hit by the Fat Man?

Let's start by assuming that we have only played one lottery number. Then, The probability of winning the Christmas Jackpot today is 1 in 100.000, which is equivalent to 0,001%. However, if we buy more numbers, the probability will increase accordingly. For example, with two numbers, the probability is 1 in 50.000. And if we have ten numbers, the probability jumps to 0,01%.

Now, let's compare the probability of winning the lottery with the chances of being struck by lightning. It is worth considering the probability of winning the lottery throughout our lifetime. If we play a number every year for 80 years, Our chances of winning the jackpot become 1 in 1250, which is approximately 0,08%.

What is the probability that you will be struck by lightning? To answer this question we can turn to calculations provided by the US National Weather Service (NWS), which has collected extensive data on accidents caused by lightning between 2009 and 2018. According to the NWS, the probability of The chance of an American being struck by lightning within a year is 1 in 1.222.000, or 0,0001%. Surprisingly, winning the lottery is ten times more likely than being struck by lightning.

Over the course of an 80-year life, the NWS estimates the chances of being struck by lightning are one in 15.300 for Americans. In other words, according to this estimate, one in every 15.300 people in the United States will experience a lightning strike during their lifetime. However, it is important to note that being struck by lightning does not guarantee death. Only one in ten lightning strikes causes a death. Remaining attacks can have a wide range of consequences, including heart problems, burns, paralysis, vision loss, depression, memory loss, and tremors.

The accuracy of these statistics depends largely on our geographic location, personal caution, and even our gender, as the National Weather Service (NWS) reports that 4 out of every 5 people struck by lightning are men. The thoroughness of data collection in the United States allows us to identify fishing as the outdoor activity most associated with lightning accidents, with 40 incidents involving fishermen in recent years. In addition, there were 25 incidents on beaches, 20 in camping areas and 18 on boats. A study carried out by Meteocat to The period 2004-2013 reveals an average of 65.300 lightning strikes that occur annually in Catalonia. Furthermore, according to data from the Department of Health from 2011, between 1975 and 2008 there were 20 fatalities in Catalonia due to lightning strikes.

I hope that with this information you can learn more about the probability of being struck by lightning.

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