Climate change is causing an increase in both the occurrence and the frequency of meteorological phenomena of extraordinary range. This means that various phenomena such as tornadoes and hurricanes will occur with a greater frequency that will trigger disasters, droughts with longer duration and floods with a greater impact. Today we are going to talk about what a medication and where it is being formed. It is a pseudo-hurricane that is forming in the Mediterranean Sea and is targeting Greece.

In this article we are going to tell you everything you need to know about what a medicane is and what effects it will have.

what is a medicine

medicane greece

The word medicane comes from the English Mediterranean hurricane. It means hurricane of the Mediterranean. However, it is not a hurricane itself, but it can still have very similar effects. The autumn season is the ideal one for their formation since there are favorable environmental conditions for this to happen.

Greece is the target of the medicane and is preparing to receive the force of a tropical storm that money with what it will do in the western Ionian islands. This storm is baptized by the name of Ianos and is characterized mainly by having hurricane-force winds and heavy rains that can trigger the formation of floods. Wind speed can cause power outages in certain areas where the winds are strongest. Some gusts of wind that are stronger and expected They will have speeds of 200 km/h. Regarding rainfall, quantities of between 200 and 400 liters per square meter are expected in a few hours.

Ideally, people who are closest to rivers and streams should look for alternative accommodation to avoid suffering the consequences of possible floods. On the other hand, the rest of the citizens should limit unnecessary trips to avoid causing major accidents. The Ianos medicane is considered a tropical storm and similar to a hurricane. However, it has an intensity, extension and duration similar to a real hurricane. Although scientists try to predict as much as possible the intensity effects that it will have, the course of this cycle cannot be predicted with total precision.

Most frequent extreme weather events

Mediterranean tropical storm

As we have mentioned in numerous articles, the frequency and intensity of phenomena with extraordinary range are going to be more and more frequent. because of the effects of climate change. For a hurricane to form, tropical waters are needed so that the elaboration of the water will be quite high and it occurs in the formation of these cyclones in the formation of clouds. The increase in temperatures of the Mediterranean Sea is mainly due to global warming. This increase in global average temperatures will cause differences in weather patterns. This is how a greater number of extreme weather phenomena will form and with a greater intensity than we are used to.

It is not the first time that there has been a medicane in this area. In 1995 these cyclones appeared for the first time in Greece. However, it is known that due to climate change these meteorological phenomena have become more and more frequent in recent years. Another similar storm hit Greece in 2018. Flash floods were seen here, killing 25 people and leaving hundreds homeless. The storms are called medicane because it is short for Mediterranean hurricane.

Ianos is expected to hit in two waves. The first is usually the most powerful here, it comes loaded with humidity. The second would be like the aftershock of an earthquake. Seven of the regions in western Greece are those that have been put on high alert before the storm. It is the authorities who decide later without putting the wider region of Athens, Attica and Corinth on alert.

Conditions of formation of the medicane

characteristics of the medication

For a type of tropical cyclone to develop, a temperate sea with low shear and a relatively humid environment is needed. We know that the Mediterranean Sea, given its latitude and geographical environment, is not a sea that meets the conditions for the formation of this type of meteorological system. However, if some conditions occur, especially at this time of the year, these necessary conditions can be offered for the development of a subtropical cyclone. These cyclones are a kind of hybrid between tropical and non-tropical cyclones.

In the case of Ianos there is a weak pocket of cold air at height. As there is a low surface orography, these conditions have been able to start a convection process. Through the convection process, the formation of a cyclone takes place that acquires the characteristics of a tropical cyclone. We mentioned before, It is not the first time that cyclones of this type have formed in this region. They are usually produced an average of 1 or 2 a year and are usually called medicanes.

Given the intensity and training conditions of Ianos, this is going to be a special medicane.

How is a hurricane formed

For a hurricane to form, there must be a large mass of warm and humid air (normally tropical air has these characteristics). This warm and humid air is used by the hurricane as fuel, from there to that they are formed, normally, near the Equator.

The air rises from the surface of the oceans, leaving the lowest area with less air. This creates a zone of low atmospheric pressure near the ocean, since there is less air per unit volume.

In the global circulation of air throughout the planet, air masses move from where there is more air to where there is less, that is, from high pressure areas to low pressure areas. As the air around the area left with low pressure moves to fill that "gap," it also heats up and rises. As the warm air continues to rise, the surrounding air rotates to take its place. When the air that is rising cools, being humid it forms clouds. As this cycle continues, the entire cloud and air system rotates and grows, fueled by ocean heat and the water that evaporates from the surface.

All these environmental conditions are giving cause of global warming of climate change.

I hope that with this information you can learn more about what medicane is and what its effects are.

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