March sayings

Budding flowers

March, the first month of meteorological spring. This is a month in which, although frosts and hailstorms still occur in some parts of the country, the landscape little by little turns green. The trees fill with leaves as the snow melts, and the flowers begin to bloom.

The long-awaited storms will provide enough water to give farmers a good start to the season. However, as the sayings of March warn us, we must not trust ourselves: the bad weather is not completely gone.

What is the weather usually in March in Spain?

Path between trees

March It is a month in which it is usually cool and even cold in the northern half of the peninsula, and it is maintained with somewhat more pleasant temperatures in the south, and in the archipelagos. The average temperature is 11,3ºC (reference period 1981-2010).

If we talk about rainfall, it is considered a generally humid month, with an average rainfall of 47mm (reference period 1981-2010). The north of the peninsula is the one that receives the most rain, while the south, Mallorca and Ibiza are those that tend to register the lowest values ​​during this month.

But what do the sayings say?

March sayings

Galanthus, a bulbous flowering plant

  • March sun, hit like a mallet: there are days when the sun is so intense that it seems that we are in the middle of June or July. They are very good moments, ideal to spend time away from home.
  • In March, all the fields bloomOf course, when the sun warms the ground, the plants start to produce a large number of flowers, making the landscapes come alive again.
  • March, the almond trees in bloom and the young men in love: fruit trees such as almond trees are covered with white petals and there are those who take the opportunity to declare themselves to that special person.
  • March, marches, cold air and hailstorms: despite the sun so good that there may be a day, do not trust. The next day it can be very cold and even hail may fall.
  • In March thunder, it is a wonder: For those of us who enjoy storms, March is not quite a good month. There may be three to four stormy days, and then nothing ... until next month. And that's not to mention how short they last.
  • By the Incarnation the last ice is: the day of the Incarnation is March 25, the day on which you want to end the snow season, although the truth is that it does not end until April-May.
  • March afternoons, gather your cattle: it is important to protect the animals from cold and frost. Just in case.
  • March fog, April snow: Snow during the third month of the year is often a sign that bad weather is going to be in the near future.
  • Marzal wind, good storm- Strong gusts of wind are very feared, both at sea and on land. This type of wind usually causes storms that cross the Bay of Biscay to the Balearic archipelago.
  • When you see San Ambrosio snowing, it's cold for eighteen: Saint's day is March 20, the day they say that if it snows ... the snow will be accompanied by cold that will last 18 days.
  • The dry ones of March are rains in May: it is a consolation. If it doesn't rain this month, well, it will already in March.In fact, there is another saying that goes:
  • Dry March, rainy May: so, we just have to wait and see what the weather will be like.
  • March of heavy rains, very unfortunate year: the rains are very good, but if it rains too much, all the crops can be spoiled. Therefore, farmers do not want it to rain more than necessary, otherwise they would have a very bad season.
  • In March, not even the wet mur: with »mur» they refer to the mouse. Let it rain, but without this rodent ending up very wet.
  • March, nor the wet sea; the three weeks but not the four: the last week of the month, as the temperatures will begin to be very pleasant and the plants will begin to grow that it will be a pleasure to see them, it can rain as much as you want.
  • Water in March, weed: what reason is. Whether you have a garden or an orchard, if it rains you will immediately see that the wild grass grows without stopping, to the point that you can have a jungle of herbs.
  • Frosts in March favor the crops: and the fruit trees. And there are many plants that need to be cold in order to bear fruit; if they don't, we will hardly have a good harvest.
  • Little trees that are in flower, get rid of the brushes of the Incarnation: the dreaded late frosts. If they are produced, the flowers freeze and, with them, all hope of fruit is dissipated. That is why it is so crucial to protect them if there is a risk of frost.

Flowers in spring

Do you know any other weather saying for February?

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