The heat wave that breaks records in Spain: affected provinces and when it ends

Heat wave in Spain

A heat wave that has reached 50 degrees Celsius in many parts of Spain It has left us with a panorama that we have not seen for years. In some parts of Spain, such as Andalusia, many provinces have reached extreme heat figures.

Our country is usually a hot country, of course, but what we are experiencing these days is breaking records in every way. During this post we are going to detail a little more how we are passing that heat wave in Spain, the records that we have broken with it and above all, we are going to give a good amount of recommendations for you to better pass the extreme heat that we are living these days in Spain.

What does the heat wave mean in Spain

The State Meteorological Agency, also known as Aemet, has left us data that we had not reached for a long time in different Spanish communities and provinces. As we have seen in the blog of the famous climatologist, César Rodríguez Ballesteros, belonging to the National Bank of Climatological Data of the Spanish State Meteorological Agency, Last Saturday we reached different national records:

  • Never before have we reached such a high average temperature in Spain, 37,77 degrees.
  • On Friday the 13th it enters the podium and occupies the third place in terms of national average temperature with a record of 36,92 degrees.

And you may be wondering what has been the hottest day nationally in Spain. Specifically, we have to go back to August 10, 2012 with an average temperature of 37,87 degrees Celsius in Spain.

When does the heat wave in Spain end?

It seems that little by little this heat wave in Spain is subsiding and that temperatures will drop in the next few days, but we must not trust ourselves as they are still forecasting several more days of extreme heat in many provinces.

Provinces and temperatures due to the heat wave

In northeastern Spain, temperatures will once again be very high. In the central area of ​​Madrid more of the same. And if we pay attention to the map of the south and the Canary Islands, many of the areas may reach temperatures of over 40 degrees.

For this reason, the State Meteorological Agency maintains the orange color as a warning indicator that they still exist 10 provinces at extreme risk. These provinces are the following: Cádiz, Córdoba, Granada, Huelva, Jaén, Seville, Albacete, Almería, Málaga and Cuenca.

Moreover, of these 10 provinces, we find several that the State Meteorological Agency details as that during many of the days they will have the indicator in red. That is to say, all those provinces that we will now tell you are going to far exceed the temperatures that other summers have been able to find.

Those provinces that will be on red alert according to Aemet are absolutely all the provinces of the community of Andalusia with the exception of Malaga and Almería, which will remain on an orange alert as we discussed in the previous paragraph.

Tips for the heat wave

As we mentioned, the heat wave will continue for a few days as the companion of our lives in Spain. If you are one of those people who are still in the provinces with an orange indicator, by Aemet we recommend different tips so that you can better pass this heat wave.

Many of these heat wave tips make sense, but better safe than sorry. Therefore, follow them to the letter, as they are essential to survive in temperatures like the ones we are experiencing.

Even if you think it's only the sun you can get to suffer a heatstroke, heat stroke and falling, dizziness and other symptoms that you should consult with your GP. Here we go with the 13 tips that we have compiled so that you can better go through this heat wave in Spain:

  • Avoid going out in the hottest hours
  • Don't wait to drink. Always hydrate with fresh water.
  • Do not eat very large meals. Try to eat light.
  • Do not consume caffeine, sugar and alcohol in quantity. They dehydrate and you need the opposite.
  • Avoid sports activities in hours of maximum heat.
  • Demand wear a cap or hat and other elements that prevent heat if you have to go outside.
  • Close the apartment during the day and open everything throughout the night.
  • Useopaque that transpires.
  • Walk down the
  • Shower with cold water or warm.
  • It tienes air conditioner, use it well. Do not go overboard leaving a very low temperature. You can suffer heatstroke when going outside.
  • Do not let animals in vehicles in the sun. Nor to people. Ventilate the vehicle.
  • If you think you may have any symptoms of heat stroke, consult your doctor before doing anything.

How are you living this heat wave? In the end, if you live in a beach area and are on vacation, better than better, right? Those who do not have a beach, to the river and those who cannot escape in any way will not be left other than to drink fresh water and eat ice cream, which is not so bad either.

Leave us in the comments what are those little tricks you use to better pass through such high temperatures like the ones we are living these days in Spain!

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