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Thanks to famous scientists that has happened throughout history and that they have had great minds, is why science has been able to develop and allow the world to be as we know it today. There are numerous branches of science such as mathematics, biology, even physical medicine in which great scientists and famous scientists have emerged who have been able to help the advancement of the human species.

In this article we are going to show you who are the best famous scientists in history.

Famous scientists in history

famous scientists of the world

Thanks to the existence of science and people who have a great mind is where the human being has been able to advance and progress until today. We are going to see which are the main famous scientists who have made numerous contributions to science, a little about their lives and their most remarkable feats.

Albert Einstein

He is considered the greatest scientist of the last century. Almost anyone can identify this scientist and see him in a photo. He was a Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921. The contribution of science that had to be the theory of relativity. It is probably the greatest scientific advance of all modern times.

Isaac Newton

This scientist was practically everything that could be for the time in which he lived. And it is that he developed in physics, alchemy, astronomy, mathematics and was an inventor. The law of gravity and his story of how he developed it after falling forward on his head while napping under a tree, is well known. However, this story is nothing more than a myth.

Stephen Hawking

famous scientists

He is one of the most modern scientists and the best known famous scientists after Einstein. He was a theoretical physicist known for his theory of the universe and general relativity. He was also known to suffer from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and was one of the people who, probably, the longest has been able to survive with this disease. Thanks to its purpose, it was able to give visibility to this disease. He received up to 12 honorary doctorates cause and various awards.

Marie Curie

This is a woman of Polish origin but living in France. She is the best known scientific woman in the world. Was known for being the only person to have won not one but two Nobel prizes. One of them in chemistry and the other in physics. She pioneered the study of radioactivity and discovered radium and polonium. His health deteriorated over the years due to continuous exposure to radiation.

Galileo Galilei

Another of the best known famous scientists between the XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries was Galileo Galilei. This mad scientist all the fields of knowledge that there was hand. He was fished for in astronomy, arts and physics. It was regarded as the peer of science as we know it today.

Famous Scientists: Charles Darwin

Early in his life he was to be an Anglican clergyman. However, he ended up theorizing about biological evolution. To this day, the findings obtained in evolution and natural selection are what they lay the foundations of modern biology. He studied all the biodiversity of the Galapagos Islands and reported on the morphological and behavioral differences of the finches of this archipelago. It is one of the best-known studios in all of history, along with his work known as “The origin of species".

Nicolaus Copernicus

He is one of the most important astronomers in all of history who laid the scientific foundations for the revolution in astronomy. With Galileo. He is a Polish scientist who developed the heliocentric theory (link). This theory held that the sun was not the star that revolved around the earth, but that it was the earth that revolved around the sun.

Louis Pasteur

He is a scientist who reformulated all the ideas that were had about infectious diseases. He was in charge of founding modern microbiology. One of the most remarkable achievements is that he was able to discover the vaccine against rabies. In addition, wheat a technique to be able to sterilize food that was later called as pasteurization in his honor.

Famous Scientists: Alexander Fleming


This is a scientist who is responsible for the availability of effective drugs against some diseases. Many of these diseases were a death sentence a century ago. One of his most important discoveries was that of the penicillin fungus. This substance has been used to this day and has been responsible for saving millions of lives around the world.

Gregor mendel

It is another of those belonging to the famous scientists who, thanks to their work with pea plants, was able to sow the foundations of the field of genetics. He discovered how traits were inherited according to dominance and recession relationships. Thanks to this, he formulated a series of laws that are known today as Mendel's laws.

Thomas Alva Edison

Another of the best known famous scientists in the world. He has been the author of numerous attempts although it must be said that there are not a few who consider it to be really many borrowed ideas when creating new devices. He is a very controversial figure in the world of science. What can be recognized about this character is that despite being a great inventor, he knew how to take advantage of creations and transform himself into an important businessman.

Archimedes of Syracuse

He was one of the famous scientists best known for his advances in physics and mathematics. His knowledge is widely known as the principles of the lever and the Archimedean principle.

Famous Scientists: Leonardo da Vinci

Besides being a great artist, he was an impressive inventor. He dedicated himself to various branches of science. Among them we find botany, engineering, astronomy and biology in addition to carrying out important studies and detailed drawings of human anatomy. One of the curiosities of this scientist is that he obtained corpses from the morgues to be able to dissect them calmly at home.

I hope that with this information you can learn more about the famous scientists of the world.

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