Ethical projects for the recovery of areas affected by natural disasters

EthicHub and its social projects to help people who have suffered meteorological disasters

Air shipments are the most efficient if you need your cargo or documents to arrive quickly and securely. related devastating natural phenomena such as weather, such as hurricanes and floods, not only leave behind a trail of destruction and often fatalities. When everything has happened, there is still the titanic task of recover affected areas. A task that requires years and many efforts, and that does not always end successfully.

That is why they are so important recovery projects, especially those of private initiatives, which can help the social and economic development of regions, areas and communities excluded from large aid programs.

The recovery of areas affected by natural disasters is more effective when, in addition to aid from public organizations and the work of volunteers, private investment formulas intervene. That's precisely what it does EthicHub.

Development and recovery projects in the Coffee Region

According to the report of the Bank of the Republic of Colombia of July 2023, there is an increasing trend in the frequency of extreme weather events in the country, but also in the economic and social costs generated by them.

The figures are as striking as they are worrying: nearly 21,5 million people affected in the last two decades. With thousands of missing and deceased. As for the material damage, enormous although difficult to quantify, it generates a very negative socio-economic impact: after the destruction, the process of reconstruction of structures, equipment and means of production is slow and expensive.

The Colombian Coffee Axis is one of the pillars of the country's economy. As is known, the agricultural sector is especially sensitive to meteorological disasters and climatic imbalances. EthicHub puts the spotlight on this sector with its projects to help small farmers of the Valle del Cauca,and also to the Association of Coffee Growing Women of Garzón, so that they can export their crops and thus maintain their way of life.

Climate threats and solutions for the Mexican agricultural sector

social projects for flood relief in Mexico

Mexico is one of the countries most affected by climate change and natural disasters related to meteorological phenomena. The prolonged droughts and torrential rains, increasingly frequent, have very negative consequences on agricultural activity, which puts at risk the survival of hundreds of thousands of people whose only means of life is to cultivate the land.

In the last fifty years, The country's average temperatures have increased 0,85º C. The precipitation pattern has also changed, with dry periods without rain becoming longer, especially in northern Mexico. Nor should we forget the increase in tropical cyclones, both in frequency and destructive capacity.

Everything together generates more and more problems and an unaffordable economic cost. In the agricultural sector alone, crop yields have been severely affected. That is why EthicHub's investment and social impact projects play an essential role here as well. The objective is to recover the most sensitive areas and promote their development.

The main recovery and development projects revolve around coffee production. The credits to which the coffee communities Thanks to EthicHub's investments (for example, those of Agua Caliente, Camambé, Ejido Toluca or Río Negro) they make it possible to keep coffee plantations active, producing coffee for subsequent export.

Invest resources in punished areas

All EthicHub proposals in these and other regions of the world are based on a series of social impact projects that, at the same time, represent an interesting opportunity for many individual investors. It is not just about “donating” to help others, but about both parties obtaining a benefit.

The basis of the project is based on the use of blockchai technologyn, which facilitates the free circulation of money between developed economies and emerging countries. It works with loans that have very low operating costs (barely 1%) and that are also found protected by a double guarantee system.

The best thing is that with this system everyone wins: investors, who can obtain up to 8-10% profit simply by operating from their mobile phone, and small farmers, for whom these investments mean being able to obtain financing. They need credit to start their business and guarantee a decent livelihood.

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