The drastic change in the weather expected for the next few days in Spain

A sunny day

A coming drastic change of weather in Spain. We come from a week in which low pressures have predominated, with fairly widespread showers and temperatures below normal for this time of year.

However, everything has started to change since yesterday, Thursday. He climatological summer It will enter, according to experts, on June 1st. But you won't have to wait that long to enjoy summer temperatures. Next, we are going to explain all this and what you can expect for the coming dates in terms of weather.

The situation in recent days

A rainy day

The last few days have been rainy in most of Spain

As we told you, since last Sunday we have had a low pressure system. These are the ones that originate the storms. As the pressure decreases, a mass of warm air rises and creates a vacuum in the atmosphere. In turn, another stream of cold air is introduced into that space. The remains of the hot water cannot rise and this causes clouds to form and water vapor to condense.

Broadly speaking, this is how storms like the ones we have had in Spain in recent days are formed. The most common in our country are the calls extra tropical, which are formed along the polar front. And all its features have been fulfilled since last Sunday.

We were already suffering a unstable time which has continued these days. However, the low pressures have been weakening little by little, so that the first dates of this week have been rainy. Above all, the rainfall affected the north of Spain already large areas of Aragon, Catalonia and the Balearic Islands, although in the latter communities in the form of storms.

Likewise, we have seen low temperatures For the time of year we are in, we would even say winter in some areas. Even Canary Islands, always spring, has registered fewer degrees than usual. However, everything has started to change since yesterday, Thursday, giving way to a drastic change in the weather in Spain. Let's see what the next few days will bring us.

The drastic change in weather in Spain this weekend


The drastic change in weather in Spain will bring high temperatures

As we told you, the climatological summer will begin on June 23st. But we won't have to wait for that date to enjoy it. Already last Thursday, May XNUMX, we have seen a slight increase in temperatures and a progressive decrease in rainfall. But it will be, above all, from this Friday when a high pressure system.

In the opposite sense, this weather system is what causes the anticyclone. It occurs when a part of the air is subjected to a greater atmospheric pressure than that which surrounds it. Therefore, it descends towards the surface from the highest layers. This is the phenomenon we call subsidence and that, as you can see, is contrary to what makes up the storm. As a result, the anticyclone causes stable weather and lack of rain, since subsidence limits cloud formation.

Therefore, starting this Friday we will have a drastic change in the weather in Spain because of what we have explained to you. The rains will give way to the sun and with temperatures more typical of summer.

Thus, the weekend of May 25 and 26 will be generally warm. Specifically, in the words of the popular meteorologist Mario Picazo, "a mass of warm air will enter from the south that will cause a progressive increase in temperatures until reaching unusual maximums for these dates." We are talking about some thirty-five degrees in some areas of the south and thirty in others in the center of the peninsula. All this accompanied by many hours of sun.


In the next few days, we will be able to put away the umbrellas

This will occur, for example, in the Ebro valley and, above all, in that of the Guadalquivir. But also those of the Tagus and the Guadiana You will see very high temperatures. As for cities, some like Sevilla o Cordova They will register these summer heats. Also Zaragoza They could be around thirty-three degrees and the same can be said about the Levantine area. Specific, Murcia He will also exceed thirty.

For its part, Madrid y Badajoz They could reach the same thirty. But not all of Spain will enjoy this good weather with the same intensity. As we move north, temperatures will soften to barely exceed twenty-two or twenty-four degrees. It is also an important climb, given that they have just scored around fifteen, but it will not be the heat of the south.

Likewise, on Saturday they could register weak rainfall in Galicia and other communities in the north to give way to Sunday, which will be the most climatically stable of the week. But this change in time will bring us another surprise: the tropical nights.

tropical nights

tropical night

The drastic change in weather in Spain will give way to tropical nights in some areas

As we tell you, the most striking thing about the drastic change in weather in Spain that we are starting will be the tropical nights. This name is given to those in which the temperature does not go below twenty degrees. In our country they are more frequent in Canary Islands. For example, in El Hierro there is an average of 128 per year. Already on the peninsula, the largest number occurs in cities such as Cadiz o Almería, with 89 and 83 respectively.

However, the concept of a tropical night is in question by the experts. Many of them point out that twenty degrees are not the same in one place as in another. For example, on the Mediterranean coast, the influence of the sea causes temperatures to drop less. Furthermore, they indicate that the thermal sensation is not the same in one area as in another.

In any case, this weekend there could be tropical nights in some parts of Spain, something very rare at this time of year. It will be, once again, in Andalusia, specifically in cities like Seville, Jaén, Malaga or Almería.

Despite all this, meteorologists say that we are not facing a heat wave. According to them, it does not meet the requirements of duration, extension and intensity to be considered as such. Instead, we will see them next summer. Let's see what this will be like, broadly speaking.

Forecasts for the summer of 2024


In the next few days, we can go to the beach

Although it is early to make predictions, everything indicates that the summer of 2024 will be warmer than normal. It is true that this has already happened in recent summers. For example, that of 2023 was, according to the Meteorological Agency, the third warmest since records began.

During their months they registered up to four heat waves, which lasted 24 days. Likewise, average temperatures were 1,3 degrees higher than normal in mainland Spain, 1,2 in the Balearic Islands and 1,6 in the Canary Islands.

But the thing is that the summer of 2022 surpassed the aforementioned records. In fact, it was the warmest in history. According to researchers, never in the last one hundred and thirty years (since there have been weather stations) have we had such a summer. They even go further. Based on the study of tree rings, they point out that never in the previous seven hundred years had there been such a hot summer.

To give you an idea, the average temperature was 2,1 degrees above normal and the heat waves lasted four more days. Even the temperature of the sea water suffered from the climatic rigors. On the surface it was 3,3 degrees higher than usual. So much heat made the evapotranspiration (conversion of water into steam) made the drought more acute.

Not in vain, scholars consider a climate anomaly the summer of 2022. But the pattern of hot summers has been observed since the beginning of the XNUMXst century and is increasingly intensifying. The heat is not, therefore, a drastic change in the weather in Spain.

Everything indicates that The situation will repeat itself in the summer of 2024. Even, it seems, it will worsen. Forecasters say temperatures will be up to two degrees above normal and they even talk about a torrid summer. It would occur, above all, in the interior of the Iberian Peninsula and Andalusia.

Sunny day

Next summer in Spain will be hot

But the coastal regions would not be spared from the heat either, although with less intensity. Its summer would be warmer than usual, but without reaching the extremes of the central and southern areas of Spain. And the same could be said of the islands.

On the other hand, regarding rainfall, they would be within the normal. Only in Canary Islands they would be slightly above the average. And this is very bad news, since the result could mean a worsening of the drought that we have been suffering for years. Also heat waves and the aforementioned tropical nights would be more frequent.

In fact, according to experts, Spain is more vulnerable to climate change than other European countries. Although this will not save them from having a torrid summer in 2024. The entire south and east of the Old Continent will have a very hot summer, which will extend to North Africa.

In conclusion, there comes a drastic change of weather in Spain which we will see in the coming days. The rains will give way to the sun and temperatures will rise substantially. It will be an announcement of what we will have the next summer, which threatens to be torrid in some areas of our country in particular and southern Europe in general.

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