Did you know…? Curiosities that you surely did not know about our planet!

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It is possible that some of the following things that we are going to expose you have asked yourself. Those things like ... "Why are the years so exact?", "How is it that the Moon is always so well positioned?" Beyond the existence of gravity ... How is it that we do not notice differences? Everything follows its course, but it is like being a grain of sand and comparing yourself to a mountain, we cannot see beyond, but in time, changes have always existed.

That is why, today we are going to comment on some things you probably didn't know about our planet. They will surely make you have the feeling of how transitory everything is. In the end, we are at the mercy of even bigger "things." Let's start with the list!

1. Did you know that gravity is not uniform?

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It is not the same what you weigh in Russia as what you weigh in Spain. Although the reason is unknown, the truth is that your weight can vary significantly with respect to the region you are in. For example, Hudson Bay in Canada is one of the regions where there is less gravity. There are theories about, for example, ice stored under the surface.

Yes, it is possible that more than one is thinking of going on a trip there to feel if the effect of the Moon really occurs, and to be able to hit jumps half floating in the air. You can save it, because the truth is that this variation is only 0,005 times smaller. But if someone lacks the will to diet a little, you can always travel to Canada to see how you weigh slightly less.

2. Did you know that the Earth is not completely spherical?

ellipsoid geoid

If you are one of those who one day has dared to draw it with a compass and make it perfect, the truth is that it is not like that. The shape of the Earth is ellipsoid, but it looks like a geoid. This is due to gravity and centrifugal forces. As with the other planets. A good example to see this with the naked eye is Jupiter, which is the flattest of all. It is a gas giant with a very fast rotation on itself.

That makes the poles flatter, and becomes wider in Ecuador.

3. Did you know that the top of Everest is not the furthest point from the center of our planet?

mount chimborazo

Mount Chimborazo

In accordance with the above, Everest, with its 8.848 meters, is the highest point above sea level. But not the closest to space. This title is supported by Mount Chimborazo located in Ecuador. This volcano is in the "widest" part of the planet. A GPS measurement confirmed it in April 2016. Its highest point from the center of the planet is 6384,4km compared to the 6382,6km of Everest. Almost 2km more.

The GPS system has a margin of error of 10cm more or less. And there are relevant data that have been discovered, such as the discovery in 2001 that the highest mountain in Europe, Mont Blanc, does not measure 4.807 meters but 4810,4 meters.

4. Did you know that as the years go by, the days get longer and longer?

earth clock

When the earth formed 4.500 billion years ago, days lasted just 6 hours. And just 620 million years ago, one day lasted little more than 21 hours and a half. Today, that days last 24 hours on average, days increase 1,6 milliseconds every century. So for the people of the future, the days will get longer and longer.

The explanation that scientists have found for this phenomenon is related to the great earthquakes and tsunamis that the planet has suffered over the years, and that little by little has slowed down its rotation period.

5. Did you know that the Moon separates from the Earth?

moon black background

Every year that passes, the Moon separates 3,8cm relative to Earth. There is a theory of a twin planet to ours called Theia, approximately the same size as Mars. This theory says that when the Earth was formed, this planet crashed into ours. From there, the Moon would form smaller and ours larger.

Have you ever noticed that the orbit of the Moon on our planet coincides in time on its rotation? That is what makes him always show us the same "face."

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