Constellation gemini

constellation gemini

Today we are going to talk about one of the most important constellations of the zodiac due to its relevance and location. It's about the constellation gemini. It is located around 30-30 ° northwest of Orion. Orion is the most prominent constellation in the sky and the most striking, so Gemini is not very difficult to visualize. It has numerous stories in Greek mythology that are worth knowing.

Therefore, we are going to dedicate this article to tell you everything you need to know about the characteristics, location and mythology of the constellation of Gemini.

key features

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It is the third most relevant constellation in the zodiac. It is located about 30 degrees northwest of Orion. Orion is the most conspicuous constellation in the sky and the most striking constellation. It is called the "cosmic hunter." Gemini is characterized by a large group of stars that appear to be close together or close to each other in human perception and vision, although the sad reality is that they are several light years apart or not connected at all.

Ancient astronomers decided to connect these stars with imaginary lines. In this way they created various patterns, objects and figures, and gave them the names of the constellations, which is why Gemini was born as the sign of polarities.

It is said that this constellation is only visible during three seasons of the year. These are mainly autumn and winter in which it can be observed in stations in the northern hemisphere. However, in summer it can be observed in the southern hemisphere since It is a constellation that is crossed with other bright stars. As soon as it is observed, it is possible to appreciate its two brightest stars, which are called Castor and Póllux. Both have almost the same level of brightness and is rich in stars, comets and some decorations worth seeing. It is one of the reasons why the constellation Gemini is one of the zodiac that belongs to people who are described as independent and individualistic.

Location and composition of the constellation Gemini

star cluster

The constellation Gemini is located about 30 degrees northwest of Orion, the hunter constellation of the universe. Among the characteristics that most attract the attention of this type of constellation we find some such as the following:

  • The two stars that are most relevant are the brightest and most important. The name of Castor and Póllux is unknown. Thanks to this second star a planet was discovered that is outside the orbits of the sun. And the star has an intense mass more than three times the size of the planet Jupiter. The star Castor is discriminated as a multiple star, which is made up of 6 components.
  • This constellation has extremely bright white stars in some of its orbital periods. It is also one of the constellations of the zodiac and is the third most important in terms of relevance.
  • It is located about 30 degrees northwest of Orion, the hunter constellation of the universe.

Gemini constellation mythology

gemini constellation mythology

It is said that the name Gemini comes from the call of two very mischievous and opposite twins Castor and Póllux. They usually appear as two young naked children. In the interpretation of this constellation in Roman mythology, they are related to Romulus and Remus, they were the legendary creators of Rome at that time.

The twins are supposed to have hatched from the eggs of the Queen of Sparta, called Leda. After mating with Zeus in the swan state, Castor was killed when he was young, and Póllux took revenge for the death of his brother. The moment Zeus descended to earth to give him the gift of eternal life, Polux rejected it saying that he did not want to live forever without a brother by his side. Thus, Zeus wanted to please Póllux and allowed him to alternate between the realm of the gods and the realm of the dead so that he could visit his brother.

However, Poseidon turned the twins into guardians and guides of the sailors, which is why the stars of Polux and Castor are always found at or above the mast.


In astrology, Gemini is one of the signs of the wind. It is recognized as one of the most intelligent and analytical constellations of the Zodiac, because two heads are better than one and even more so two completely opposite people. This constellation has many good characteristics, while the bad ones are forceful and radical. Selfishness and individualism can be highlighted in their bad characteristics. As for positive people, they are very receptive and intelligent, and have a great impact on their environment with a great capacity to adapt to it.

This sign is dominated by Mercury, the most prominent of which is duality of thought. For this reason, he is endowed with the ability of wisdom, because people born in this sign will be able to clearly understand themselves. However, the character of the object dominated by this sign are often complex, unusual and changeable. They are very elegant and polite, cheerful and imaginative, and they often benefit from the ability to get what they want.

Star clusters

In the constellation of Gemini we can find the so-called open star clusters or galaxy clusters. These are star clusters made up of molecular clouds and scattered throughout the galaxy.

They are very hot stars that gather in large numbers. Open star clusters can only be found in spiral galaxies. They are crucial when studying star formation in the Milky Way, because these stars are the same age.

The constellation Gemini also has formations called nebulae. One of the most striking due to its shape is the Eskimo nebula. It has this original name since being seen looks like the face of a person covering his head with a hood, just as the Eskimos do.

I hope that with this information you can learn more about the constellation of Gemini and its characteristics.

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