How is the climate in the valleys of the world?

Viso Valley

Viso Valley, in Lombardia (Italy)

Valleys are one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Located between mountains, they are depressions of the earth's surface between two slopes with a sloping and elongated shape. But, Have you ever wondered what the weather is like in the valleys of the world?

The truth is that it is very peculiar, since being between two more or less high peaks, temperatures stay a little higher than they should be considering its location. Let's see in more detail what the weather is like in the valleys of the world.

What types of valleys are there?

Chamonix Valley

Chamonix Valley, in France

Narrow valleys

Water currents (rivers, swamps) occupy the lower part of the valley, and it is highly controlled for lateral migration. Thus, the channel adjustment processes occur at the bottom of the channel itself, where the slope is modified and even can lead to landslides.

Wide valleys

These valleys, also called "mature valleys", are associated with plain rivers, where the channel occupies a small part of the valley since the alluvial plain is wide. A plain where floods are a common phenomenon, making it unstable and not very static.

What is the weather like in the valleys?

The valleys, being between mountains, have a climate, of course, mountainous. This is characterized by registering mild temperatures for much of the year, between 20 and 30ºC, except in winter, where snowfalls are frequent (below -10ºC). Mountains have climatic conditions depending on the area, due to a decrease in temperature with height, which is known as the vertical thermal gradient. In these cases, we say that it is negative, since for every 100m the thermometer drops from 0,5 to 1ºC and the relative humidity also drops.

If we talk about rainfall, they are very abundant, over 900mm / year, on the windward slope (where the wind blows), and less in the leeward (protected from the wind) which is where the valleys are located.

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