Snow on tree

What will winter be like?

When does winter come in? We tell you what winter 2017/2018 will be like. According to the AEMET, warmer than normal temperatures are expected to be recorded. But there is still more ...

Picture of the Dead Sea

Could the Dead Sea disappear?

The Dead Sea is a place that could be at risk of disappearing due to climate change. But why? Come in and we'll tell you.

Flowers in spring

What will spring 2017 be like?

Would you like to know what spring 2017 will be like? If so, come in and we will tell you what the weather is expected to be in the next three months.


What will fall be like?

After spending a hot summer, what will fall be like? According to the AEMET, it will be something different from what we are used to. We will tell you.


Typhoon Mindulle hits Japan

The devastating Typhoon Mindulle hits the capital of Japan with hurricane force winds of about 180 kilometers per hour.

Earth Wind Map, a hypnotic and interactive weather map

A new computer application, Earth Wind Map, visible on the internet and within the reach of all users, allows us to observe in a visual, aesthetically beautiful way and, what is more important, updated data on wind currents that are taking place along the way. across the planet.