Gulf Stream

The Gulf Stream

The Gulf Stream is one of the most important currents as it plays an important role in stabilizing the global climate and especially in Europe.

Desertification in Spain

Desertification in Spain

Desertification in Spain is a sad reality. Did you know that 20% of the territory is already a desert? It is a problem that needs an urgent solution.

Sea ice

What is the ice pack?

The ice pack is much more than frozen ocean floor. Without it, the balance of these ecosystems could be broken forever. Learn more about her.


The supervolcanoes of the world

Supervolcanoes are very powerful. If they erupted, they could send several thousand cubic kilometers of matter into the atmosphere. But what are they?


Why is the ocean important?

Have you ever wondered why the ocean is important? We often see it as an ideal place to enjoy the summer, but how does it affect the weather?

Radiation on Earth

Solar radiation on planet Earth

What is solar radiation and how does it reach our home, the Earth? Enter to find out what percentage of radiation is absorbed by the planet.

Tungurahua volcano

Find out why volcanoes erupt

Don't you know why volcanoes erupt? Enter to find out the origin of one of the most impressive and beautiful demonstrations of nature.