sayings about time

Sayings about time

Learn the popular sayings about the weather for each month of the year. Some popular culture pills.

Vulcan-type volcano


We tell you all about volcanoes: how they are formed, types of volcanoes that exist, and the different parts that compose it. Because they exist? Find out!

Perseid Meteor Shower

Tips to enjoy the Perseids 2017

The 2017 Perseids are coming! If you want to enjoy them to the fullest, follow our advice and spend an unforgettable night looking at the stars.

Snow on tree

What will winter be like?

When does winter come in? We tell you what winter 2017/2018 will be like. According to the AEMET, warmer than normal temperatures are expected to be recorded. But there is still more ...

Picture of the Dead Sea

Could the Dead Sea disappear?

The Dead Sea is a place that could be at risk of disappearing due to climate change. But why? Come in and we'll tell you.

Field with flowers

April sayings

We tell you what are the sayings of April. Find out what the weather will be like this month of the year thanks to the sayings. Do not miss it.

Earth Hour

What is Earth Hour?

On Saturday, March 25, Earth Hour is celebrated. Sixty minutes in which the light is turned off in defense of the environment. Join the celebration.

Birdwatching telescope

How to choose a spotting scope?

A terrestrial telescope is a very useful tool to be able to spot birds, see the landscape and even to enjoy the moon. But how do you choose one?

Meteor shower in the forest

What is the Meteor Shower?

Meteor shower is an astronomical phenomenon that we can enjoy observing the sky. But what is it exactly? And what days can you see?

Roses and butterfly

Curiosities about spring 2017

We tell you the curiosities about spring 2017 so you can know what most important events will take place during this colorful season.

Flowers in spring

What will spring 2017 be like?

Would you like to know what spring 2017 will be like? If so, come in and we will tell you what the weather is expected to be in the next three months.

Etna volcano erupting

Etna volcano has erupted

Last night of Monday, February 27, 2017, the Etna volcano, located in Sicily, erupted, expelling ash.

Budding flowers

March sayings

We tell you what the sayings of March are. Find out what the weather will be like this month of the year thanks to the sayings. Do not miss it.

Starry sky

Come in and enjoy the best photos of the starry sky while you learn about astronomy and myths about the stars.

What is aerothermal?

Aerothermal is a technology that extracts energy from the air around us to transform it into heat, thus heating the home.


The dowser and dowsing

Dowsing is a practice that is based on the ability of some people, dowsers, to find water, minerals, among others.

Tornado F5 on the ground

How to survive a tornado

They are spectacular phenomena, but they can also cause significant damage, so we will tell you how to survive a tornado.


What will fall be like?

After spending a hot summer, what will fall be like? According to the AEMET, it will be something different from what we are used to. We will tell you.


Typhoon Mindulle hits Japan

The devastating Typhoon Mindulle hits the capital of Japan with hurricane force winds of about 180 kilometers per hour.

Seismic waves

4 myths about earthquakes

We tell you 4 myths about earthquakes, phenomena that have most attracted the attention of humanity since the beginning of time.

Galicia Forest

Types of forests in Spain

What are the types of forests in Spain? There is an interesting variety, and it is that this is a country very rich in biodiversity. Come in and find out.

Antarctic desert

24 curiosities about Antarctica

What do you know about the largest desert in the world? Sure there are at least 24 things you still don't know. Enter and discover 24 curiosities about Antarctica.


Cielomoto, an earthquake in the air

Cielomoto, an earthquake that occurs in the air and for it there is still no logical explanation. Find out more about this meteorological phenomenon

Fire risk map

Map of fire risk in Spain

Spain must face more than 16 thousand fires every year. Now, they create a fire risk map where they can see which community is the most affected.

Woman going cold

How is the wind chill calculated?

The thermal sensation is calculated taking into account several parameters, namely: dry temperature, relative humidity, wind speed, among others.

Water quality in Europe is even worse than expected

The Water Framework Directive proposes to the European Union a substantial improvement in the quality of fresh water by 2015. To this day this objective is far from being fulfilled, the toxic levels in aqueous bodies are still extremely high.

Geothermal energy. Greenhouses and their application in agriculture

Geothermal energy is that energy that can be obtained by taking advantage of the internal heat of the Earth. This heat is due to several factors, its own remaining heat, the geothermal gradient (increase in temperature with depth) and radiogenic heat (decay of radiogenic isotopes), among others.

Earth Wind Map, a hypnotic and interactive weather map

A new computer application, Earth Wind Map, visible on the internet and within the reach of all users, allows us to observe in a visual, aesthetically beautiful way and, what is more important, updated data on wind currents that are taking place along the way. across the planet.

Hurricane 1

After the hurricane: photos

Collection of photographs, taken in the United States, that helps us understand how those affected cope with the passage of a hurricane.

Cumulonimbus, storm cloud

The Cumulonimbus

According to the WMO, the Cumulonimbus are described as a thick and dense cloud, with a considerable vertical development, in the form of a mountain or huge towers. It is associated with storms.


The Cumulus

Cumulus clouds are vertically developing clouds formed mainly by vertical currents favored by the heating of the air at the Earth's surface.

The Stratus

Stratus are made up of small water droplets although at very low temperatures they can consist of small ice particles.

Pillars of Light in Jackson

Pillars of light, a beautiful light effect

Pillars of light, a beautiful light effect that occurs naturally when the ice in the atmosphere reflects light from the Moon, the Sun, or light that comes from an artificial source

Overview of the nimbostratus

The Nimbostratus

Nimbostratus are described as a gray, often dark layer of clouds, with an appearance veiled by the precipitation of rain or snow falling more or less continuously from it.


The Altocumulus

Altocumulus are classified as medium clouds. This type of cloud is described as a bank, thin layer or layer of clouds composed of very varied shapes.


The Cirrocumulus

Cirrocumulus trees consist of a bank, thin layer or sheet of white clouds, without shadows, composed of very small elements. They reveal the presence of instability at the level at which they are.


The Cirrus

Cirrus are a type of high cloud, usually in the form of white filaments made up of ice crystals.