Places so cold that it seems impossible for people to inhabit them

Citizens of places like Verkhoyansk, Yakutsk or Oymyakon (both in Russia) live lives very different from ours, at least in winter. For example, drivers in these cities leave their cars torn up in parking lots for long hours while shopping or running errands, often having to heat the lubricating oil in their cars with a blowtorch to defrost it.

Hurricane 1

After the hurricane: photos

Collection of photographs, taken in the United States, that helps us understand how those affected cope with the passage of a hurricane.

Inverted rainbow

Does the inverted rainbow exist?

The inverted rainbow is a meteorological phenomenon that requires different circumstances than the normal rainbow. The place in the world where it is most common to see them is the North Pole, although climate change would be causing them to take place in more temperate places.

New Orleans Katrina

Learn what to do during extreme weather events

The Federal Emergency Management Agency of the United States has offered a series of guidelines to its citizens on how to protect themselves and their families during extreme weather events, which are dangerously increasing in number due to climate change.

Pillars of Light in Jackson

Pillars of light, a beautiful light effect

Pillars of light, a beautiful light effect that occurs naturally when the ice in the atmosphere reflects light from the Moon, the Sun, or light that comes from an artificial source