australian weather in summer

Climate of Australia

We tell you in detail everything you need to know about the climate of Australia and its characteristics. Learn more about it here.

climates and meteorology

Climates of the world

We tell you everything you need to know about the different climates of the world and their characteristics. Learn more about these climates here.

Spain climate

Climate of Spain

We teach you everything you need to know about the climate of Spain and its characteristics. Learn more about it here.

koppen climate classification division

Köppen climate classification

We tell you everything you need to know about the Köppen climate classification and what types of climate exist according to this.

Climate of Portugal

Climate of Portugal

In this article we tell you all the characteristics, rainfall and temperatures of the climate of Portugal. Learn more about it here.


What is the weather

In this article we tell you what the climate is, its characteristics, elements and factors. Learn more about it here.

Dry weather

We tell you everything you need to know about the dry climate and its characteristics. Learn more about this type of climate in its entirety.

thermal floors

Thermal floors

We tell you everything you need to know about the different thermal floors that exist and their characteristics. Learn about it here.

pyrenees valley

Climate Pyrenees

In this article we tell you everything you need to know about the Pyrenees climate and its main characteristics.

Climate factors

We explain everything you need to know about climate factors. Learn what are the variables that make up the climate.


In this article we explain everything related to the weather. Learn what it is and how it is studied here. Do not miss it!

Oceanic climate

Oceanic climate

The oceanic climate occurs in areas close to a large body of water. Do you want to learn everything about this type of weather? Here you can find everything.

weather elements

Weather elements

Know what the elements of the climate are and the characteristics that define them. What does it depend on whether it does better or worse in each season? Discover it here

types of weather

Types of weather

On planet Earth there are many types of climate depending on many variables and the geographical area where we are. Come in and learn everything.

Climate controllers

Climate controllers

Climate controllers are the factors that characterize a specific geographic area. Learn all about them here.


Polar climate

The polar climate is the coldest. The temperatures are very low all year round and it hardly rains. Why is the polar landscape like this? Come in and we'll tell you.

environmental pollution

How pollution affects us

How does pollution affect us? It has very negative and damaging effects on humans. Find out how pollution affects us.


Climate zones on Earth

We tell you what are the climatic zones of the Earth and what are their characteristics. Come in and learn more about our planet.

What is the thermal amplitude?

Thermal amplitude is the numerical difference between the minimum and maximum values ​​observed during a given period of time. Enter to know more.


How is the Mediterranean climate

The Mediterranean climate is a temperate climate that occurs in many parts of Spain and other countries. We tell you what its main characteristics are.

Rainy forest

Equatorial climate

The equatorial climate is characterized by being home to the most lush and most populated forests in the world. Enter and we will explain why.


The Levante and Poniente wind

Take good note of what the famous Levante and Poniente winds consist of and their importance during the summer months.


What are ultraviolet rays

Do not lose detail of what ultraviolet rays consist of and what is the best way to protect your skin against these rays.



Have you heard of heatwave? This is an episode that refers to the hottest season of the year. Find out what its origin is and why it happens.

Climograph of Sao Paulo, Brazil

Tropical climate

The tropical climate is one of the favorites of the human being: the temperatures are pleasant and the landscape is always green. Get to know him more deeply.


The high mountain climate

The high mountain climate is characterized by very cold and long winters, and cool and short summers. Come in and we'll tell you why.

Climograph of Zaragoza

Continental climate

We explain in detail what the continental climate is and how it is characterized, a type of climate in which the seasons are well differentiated.


The rainiest cities in Spain

Taking advantage of the fact that the month of April is a month in which it rains a lot, do not miss a detail of the rainiest Spanish cities.


Difference between time and weather

Although they seem two identical concepts from a meteorological point of view, there are great differences when it comes to talking between weather and climate. 

Atacama Desert

The Humboldt current

What is the Humboldt current? What are the consequences for the climate and for the earth? Discover all the details of these marine currents.

winter station

Winter solstice curiosities

Now that the winter season has just started, take note of some of the curiosities of this solstice that gives way to the Christmas holidays.

Woman protects herself from the rain

Rainiest place in Spain

Have you ever wondered which is the rainiest place in Spain? Incredible as it may seem, it is not Galicia. Come in and find out. It sure surprises you.


How heat affects animals

The very long heat wave that the whole country is suffering not only negatively affects people, animals also suffer and suffer from it.

Once upon a time Mars, a short story of its climatic evolution

Of the characteristics of Mars observable from Earth through a telescope we can highlight an atmosphere with white clouds although not as extensive as on Earth, seasonal changes very similar to those on Earth, 24-hour days, the generation of sand storms and the existence of ice caps at the poles that grow in winter. Looks familiar, right?


NAO index. Positive and negative phases

The NAO index measures pressure differences between Iceland and Lisbon or Gibraltar. Positive and negative phases can occur depending on the pressure difference.