Winter Olympic Games. Is your continuity in danger?

Only six of the cities that already held the Winter Olympics in the past century would today be cool enough to host them. Even for the most conservative climate estimates, only 11 of the 19 cities that hosted the Winter Olympics could do so in the coming decades according to a survey conducted by the University of Waterloo (Canada) and the Managemen Center in Innsbruck (Austria).

Geothermal energy. Greenhouses and their application in agriculture

Geothermal energy is that energy that can be obtained by taking advantage of the internal heat of the Earth. This heat is due to several factors, its own remaining heat, the geothermal gradient (increase in temperature with depth) and radiogenic heat (decay of radiogenic isotopes), among others.

Inverted rainbow

Does the inverted rainbow exist?

The inverted rainbow is a meteorological phenomenon that requires different circumstances than the normal rainbow. The place in the world where it is most common to see them is the North Pole, although climate change would be causing them to take place in more temperate places.

New Orleans Katrina

Learn what to do during extreme weather events

The Federal Emergency Management Agency of the United States has offered a series of guidelines to its citizens on how to protect themselves and their families during extreme weather events, which are dangerously increasing in number due to climate change.