rain in greenland 14 august

Rain in Greenland

The rain in Greenland has left the scientific community speechless. Discover in this article everything that is happening.



We tell you everything you need to know about paleoclimatology and its characteristics. Learn more about the weather of the past here.

Jakarta sinks

Jakarta sinks

In this article we explain the reasons why Jakarta is sinking. Learn more about the consequences of it.

green snow in Antarctica

Green snow

In this article, we explain what green snow is and what the consequences of climate change are. Learn more about this phenomenon.


In this article we explain everything you need to know about permafrost and the danger of thawing. Learn more about it here.

Thaw the poles

Thaw the poles

We tell you all the causes and consequences of the thaw at the poles. Learn what the main causes of this phenomenon are.

Reflected Albedo

Albedo of Earth

We explain everything about the albedo of the Earth and its relationship with climate change. Enter here and learn all about it.


Arctic ice melts in winter too

During winter the Arctic also loses ice. The temperature is being too high to stay, so much so that researchers expect it to disappear completely every summer starting in 2030.

The drought in Spain is an increasingly serious problem

Spain still does not face climate change

Spain, a country very vulnerable to climate change, continues without taking measures to address it. This is how several cities have denounced the situation. Enters.

Temperature anomaly

Earth is red hot

In recent years the global average temperature has only increased, accelerating the thaw and the rise in sea level.

Specimen of tiger mosquito

Global warming favors mosquitoes

Have you noticed that there are more and more mosquitoes? Due to global warming its population increases. But, fortunately, action is already being taken.

environmental pollution

How pollution affects us

How does pollution affect us? It has very negative and damaging effects on humans. Find out how pollution affects us.


Climate change on Mars

Mars has a parched surface in which the water in its atmosphere condenses into frost. What happened to the climate of Mars?

Climate overview

The hopeful climate outlook for 2016

Work is being done to reduce the effects of climate change and for a suitable climate in which to live in harmony. 2016 summary of the climate context.

Polar ice caps

New study of sea level rise

A recent study estimates that the sea level could rise two meters in height by the year 2100. This poses new scientific challenges.