Can the Dead Sea be saved from disappearance?

high salinity of the dead sea

Due to global warming and rising global temperatures, the Dead Sea has undergone a drastic change in recent decades. In 1983 a spa was opened on the Dead Sea beach where guests could walk out of the building and reach the water. Today the picture is different. To be able to get from the spa to the water, they have had to install a train that one two kilometers of track to the lake.

Can the Dead Sea be saved from the devastating effects of climate change?

The dead Sea

drought in the dead sea

The Dead Sea is the deepest place on the earth's surface (not oceanic) - 430 meters below sea level - but its volume of water continues to decline. Bordered by Jordan to the east and Israel and the West Bank to the west, the sea is actually a lake. Water levels have always fluctuated. History says it even went deeper about 10.000 years ago. But now, global temperatures have risen, while droughts and waters are falling at an exacerbated rate.

The Dead Sea has a biodiversity that supports and is already suffering the impacts of the retreat of water (which decreases by about one meter a year). Environmentalists and scientists are concerned that the lake could disappear completely if nothing is done to prevent this from continuing. Although only bacteria can survive the salt levels of the Dead Sea, the lake supports the wildlife in its environment.

Flora and fauna that sustains the lake

the dead sea has less and less water

Considered a natural wonder, the lake owes its name to the fact that only bacteria and some microbial fungi can inhabit it, since its water it is almost ten times more salty than the normal sea. However, a multitude of plants and animals, including mammals like the mountain goat and the leopard, depend on the oases, which surround the lake.

Research and environmentalists warn that as sea levels continue to decline, increasingly arid areas and conditions will have an impact on the masses of migratory birds, which stop there each year to benefit from the temperate climate.

Who is responsible for this disaster?

climate change and human action destroy the dead sea

We are observing the detriment of the quality and quantity of the waters of the Dead Sea, but who is the cause of all this? Experts affirm that climate change plays an important role, since with the increase in global temperatures, the rate of evaporation increases and droughts prolong. However, climate change is not the main cause of this. It is human activity.

By not having too obvious data on how climate change affects the evaporation rate and the rainfall regime, it is clear that the variable that Most affected by the decrease in sea levels is the consumption of drinking water in Israel, Jordan and Syria.

The once mighty Jordan is the main river that supplies this area and also the Dead Sea. In its origin it is one of the great waterways of the world, and essential for the borders in the Middle East. However, large dams, pipelines and pump stations built to divert drinking water have reduced the river to a gutter in places. Of the 1,3 million cubic meters that the Jordan transports to the Dead Sea, only 5% reaches the lake.

The water problem in the Middle East

possible transfer from the Red Sea to the Dead Sea

Especially in Jordan, one of the driest regions on the planet, access to clean water is one of the main reasons for the conflict. The Dead Sea pays for the scarcity of water in the region. In addition, the people who live in the lake also feel the economic impact of the Dead Sea. Many companies in the area depend directly on it, for its richness in minerals, and for its legendary therapeutic virtues.

Industries also extract minerals from the lake and it is increasingly difficult to do business. The solution to this great problem may be the construction of a canal that transports water from the Red Sea to the Dead Sea, in this way the decrease in its levels can be stopped.

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