April sayings

Field with flowers

April. The month of the spring explosion. The flowers make their appearance, the trees are covered with leaves, and little by little the cold and snow are left behind. The birds sing happily as the insects resume their tasks under a sky that can be very treacherous at times.

Just as the sun rises over the horizon every morning, clouds can cover it in a matter of minutes, causing the temperature to drop. But, What do April sayings tell us about the weather?

How is April in Spain?

Almond blossom in La Quinta de Los Molinos (Madrid)

Almond blossom in La Quinta de Los Molinos (Madrid)

Spanish April has an average temperature of 13 degrees centigrade. In the north of the peninsula and in the highest mountains frosts of down to -8ºC usually occur, while in the rest the mercury tends to be above 20ºC, especially in the Mediterranean region.

If we talk about rainfall, the average rainfall is 92mm, concentrating especially in the northwest half of the peninsula. In the Canary Islands it is usually a rather dry month, as well as in the Mediterranean.

April sayings

Bougainvillea in bloom

  • The arrival of April is spring; sap and blood alter: it is the time when life resurfaces. The normal activity of the fields and forests returns. It is also the mating season for many animals.
  • In April, you cut a thistle and you grow a thousand: with the increase in temperature and the hours of sunlight, the herbs grow at an impressive rate, to the point that although the cuts, in a short time they will come out again, not one, but many more.
  • In April, only the ruin could: When the vegetables come out of hibernation, the sap rises, so if they are pruned now the risk of losing them is very, very high, since with each wound they would lose a lot of sap.
  • For San Marcos, there will be puddles on the ground: Saint's day is April 25, the day when rains are usually common.
  • Winter hasn't passed until April is over: It is true. As we mentioned before, April is a treacherous month. So it is advisable not to store all your warm clothes until May arrives, just in case.
  • In April the frost, follows the hail: when a cold front enters, the atmosphere becomes unstable and clouds of great vertical development form that cause hail; later, the air stabilizes and the temperature drops, leaving the sky without clouds, which is when the frost appears. To avoid losses in the orchard, it is advisable to be attentive to the weather forecasts to be able to protect the plants in the event of hailstorms.
  • April April, or the shepherd asks the boatman for help or the frogs die in the dry land: This month can be either very rainy or very dry. There is usually no middle ground.
  • A rainy April makes a pretty May: and it's true. If it rains in this month it is certain that May will be very beautiful, since the plants will be able to grow much better, so that the fields and gardens will look spectacular.
  • April, yes good at the beginning, bad at the end: farmers fear that if we start the fourth month of the year on the right foot, we will end it badly. And that is precisely what can happen: we have 10 or 15 very good or very bad days, and the others the opposite.
  • If it thunders in April, prepare the cape and go to sleep: and if you like the sound of storms, you will probably sleep even better that day; Or that you prefer to lean out the window to see it. Although, yes, do not forget the coat because it will be cold.
  • April thundered, good summer is coming: if there are storms during the month of April, we will have an easier summer to carry.
  • April smiling, cold kill the people: The sky may be clear, but the wind that blows is sometimes cold. So during this month we can enjoy some days of good weather and pleasant temperatures, but if there comes a time when we think that it will not be colder, we should not trust ourselves.
  • April April, every day two showers: there is no middle ground. Or drought, or torrential rains. In some parts of the country it can rain heavily from time to time.
  • In April asparagus for me, in May for my horse: If you are one of those who enjoys going to collect asparagus, take advantage of it in March-April, because in May they will be so hard that they cannot be eaten.
  • In April it rains a lot: is one of the best known sayings. In some parts of the country the rains are frequent; unfortunately, in others they are practically non-existent.
  • April, Apriloso and its waters bring the bear out of the cave: with the arrival of the rains, the bear leaves its cave to feed after having spent a winter in rest.

Rainbow in Lugo

Do you know any other April sayings?

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