Strange phenomena and unsolved mysteries. Nature, or both nature, does not stop surprising us. Today we are talking about an issue that generated a lot of controversy in its time and that has remained an unsolved enigma. Its about aerolite. It is a large mass of ice that falls from the sky and causes damage due to its size. It was named after it looks quite like a meteorite.

In this article we are going to tell you about the mysteries of the aerolith and what science says about whether it is a real phenomenon or a joke product. You want to know more?

Aerolito, mysterious phenomenon

Huge blocks of ice

Given the situation of fall of mysterious large ice blocks, there is the unknown of how it can be its origin. If it is climate change that with the changes it is having in the climate is capable of forming these blocks of ice at altitude due to a sudden decrease in temperatures, if it is a water leak in a commercial airplane than with the change in temperature in altitude turns to ice quickly, etc.

It has even been thought that it is the product of a joke, remnants of comets of another composition or even extraterrestrials. What is clear is that the questions about the origin and formation of the aerolith are still unsolved. You have to think with your head and make use of science. The event took place on January 8, 2000. In that year the end of the world was predicted (as so many times) and changes in the climate, 100-meter waves, rising sea levels, etc. were predicted.

The passing of the year 2000 could disappoint all those who predict the end of the world and, probably, it was the product of a joke. A strange phenomenon that causes the Earth to generate real ice meteorites can seem crazy and cause panic in people because, really, the end of the world was coming.

It was an intense but fleeting phenomenon. It happened daily during the following days from January 8 to 17 of the same month. More than 50 cases occurred throughout Spain and, most, centered in Valencia. However, many of the reports that were made were frauds and joke products, which suggests that the phenomenon itself is too.

Possible origin of the aerolith

Ice fallen from the sky

We are going to analyze from the most logical point of view the formation or probable origin of the aerolith. The first is to analyze whether it could be produced by the effects of climate change. It is true that climate change, as its name suggests, produces unexpected effects and changes in the global climate. This does not mean that the effects that are unleashed can go against the laws of physics. The aerolith is against them.

When hail forms in a cloud, it is produced by a condensation of water at very low temperatures given the low atmospheric pressure that exists at a certain moment. Clouds contain these amorphous ice crystals formed by the compaction of water droplets at a faster than normal rate, thus The famous ice crystals with a hexagonal structure do not have time to form.

Once the hail flakes form, they fall under their own weight and, therefore, their size cannot be too large. Many of these flakes of hail are larger than normal because they continue to feed on other water droplets that collide and bond with them as they fall from the cloud. The size, then, of a flake of hail depends entirely on factors such as the temperature at that time, the amount of water vapor in the environment, the altitude at which the clouds are and changes in atmospheric pressure or existence of a front.

If the hail falls and, in turn, feeds on other water droplets, it is possible that it may grow slightly larger as it falls, but cannot reach sizes larger than that of a tennis ball. However, the aerolith is a huge thing. Obviously it is something impossible that it can form in a cloud, since with much less weight it would have already overcome the resistance of the air and precipitated by the effect of gravity. As much as it feeds on other water droplets in the sky as it falls to enlarge its size, it is impossible that in such a short time an ice block of that size could form.

Fact or lie?

Falling blocks of ice

All this strongly suggests that this aerolith is the result of a joke made by people who wanted to instill fear in people after the arrival of the new millennium and the possible end of the world. If I was a meteorite It could be analyzed and compared the remains of rock from some celestial object. By On the other hand, the aliens would have another way to warn more intelligent than throwing blocks of ice and only focused on a peninsula.

At the idea of ​​a water leak on a commercial airplane, more of the same. It is possible that there are water leaks in airplanes, but they are more extraordinary events and not so frequent that it occurs in a short period of time and no more is known about it. In the case that it could be due to a water leak, it could be the case, but by no means form a block of ice of this size. The first thing, when having a water leak, it would come out in a jet and linearly. Although we think that the temperature at altitude has a great contrast with that of the interior of the plane, even if ice were to form, they would not be balls bigger than a tennis ball.

In no way could the water be stored at altitude in a round shape to be able to form an aerolith of that size.

Aerolith cases

Aerolith cases

The first of them fell in Soria on January 8, 2000. Two days later, in Seville an aerolith blew out the hood of a Fiat Uno, while its owner drank coffee. On the 12th the phenomenon was repeated in an industrial warehouse in l'Alcúdia, on the 13th in Elx, on the 14th in La Unión (Murcia), on the 15th in Enguera and Xilxes, on the 6th in Cádiz and Huelva and on the 17th in Algemesí.

All this caused panic and fear that property or physical integrity could be damaged by the fall of these blocks of ice. You couldn't walk down the street calmly without the fear of looking up in case an ice block was falling on your head.

As you can see, this kind of thing is better taken with humor and not predicting the end of the world.

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