What are energy stones?

clean energy stones

The energy stones They are stones, gems or crystals that are believed to have metaphysical or energetic properties. According to the beliefs of certain spiritual or esoteric traditions, it is thought that these stones can emit, absorb or manipulate energy in various ways. People who believe in the properties of energy stones often use them for various purposes, such as spiritual healing, meditation, protection, energy balancing, or simply as decorative objects. Each stone can be considered to have different properties depending on its color, mineral composition and origin.

In this article we are going to explain to you what energy stones are and how they work.

Do stones have energy?

What are energy stones?

Underground formations give rise to spirit stones, which consist of molecules or atoms arranged in mineral crystals. These crystals can vary in size and some grow over millennia. It is truly amazing to think that more than 4.000 different types of these crystals have been discovered. The main categories of minerals include silicates, oxides, sulfates, sulfides, carbonates, native elements and halides.

Along the history, The stones have served as a means of addressing mental illness and harnessing spiritual energy. As the field of wellness has progressed, so has the fascination with this ancient practice. There are several crystals, each of which has different shapes, compositions and meanings. Some crystals have a conventional, easily identifiable appearance (such as quartz or amethyst), while others resemble ordinary rocks (such as selenite or tiger's eye). Each crystal possesses its own incomparable strength and individuality.

How are energy stones used?

stones with energy

There is a wide range of crystals that can improve various aspects of life. It is believed that certain semi precious stones They provide a sense of stability and guidance, particularly beneficial for people with strong connections to the earth element. These stones can help you discover the purpose of life. Besides, There are crystals that have the ability to lift your spirits and ward off negative energies, bringing positivity to your day. No matter what you are looking for, there is undoubtedly a crystal that can meet your needs.

The functioning of spirit stones revolves around the unique chemical composition of the crystals, which allows them to possess a form of memory. This memory allows the crystals to absorb and sustain various energies presented to them. Crystals serve as a powerful conduit to connect with the purest form of energy found in nature, which in turn purifies and restores the balance of the spirit. By virtue of their symmetrical mineral structures, stones have the ability to store and direct life force to specific areas.

They serve as a dynamic tool for manifestation as they reflect an individual's inherent power and reveal areas where energy is lacking.

10 best-known energy stones

precious stones


Consistency, assistance and authenticity. If you need help restoring balance in your life, this gemstone will provide you with stability and the ability to recognize your abilities and self-confidence. It is believed that when Placed on the forehead has a calming effect on fever, while placing it on the legs relieves fluid retention.


Recognized for its striking purple hue, the amethyst gemstone is one of the most sought after stones globally. Grants self-confidence, instinct and connection with the divine. Recognized for its calm and relaxing attributes. Relieves tension and promotes rest when used before bed.

black tourmaline

Safeguarding, security, stress relief. Known for its immense power, it protects against negative energies by establishing a formidable barrier that protects you from any harmful influence.


Receptivity, order, transparency. If you're looking for an infusion of optimism and a boost of drive, look no further. It stands as one of the most powerful generators of positive vibrations and manifests its aspirations today. Exceptionally valuable when experiencing a feeling of stagnation, as it facilitates its release.


Characteristics such as joy, enjoyment and lucidity are embodied in this particular entity. The advantages of using it are ideal for adding a touch of luminosity to existence. Besides, helps encourage personal development while dissipating any unfavorable energy.

clear quartz

If you need to organize your thoughts or gain clarity in your life, this will provide you with perspective and help you manifest focus. Its traits include clarity, manifestation, and concentration, and the benefits are undeniable.

Pink quartz

The pink crystal, which often resembles a heart, is closely related to the concept of love. Widens the opening of the heart energy center to embrace love in every form imaginable, whether romantic, platonic, familial or professional. Besides, It frees you from the clutches of any harmful feelings.


Order, luminosity and protection. Enhances the vitality of people within a space. In addition, it has purifying properties, warding off negative energies. The ideal place within the house, such as the living room, is considered the best location due to its central position.

smoky quartz

Composed of hexagonal structures, this yellowish quartz has a crystalline nature with nuances of brown tones. Release, renunciation, grounding. A significant increase in mood. This practice facilitates reconnection with reality, restores emotional balance, and conquers the feelings caused by stress.

Ojo de tigre

The name of this stunning gemstone is derived from its resemblance to the captivating appearance of a tiger, with beautiful shades of red and brown. Among its characteristics it presents motivation, perspective, fortunate circumstances. Enhances self-awareness and self-knowledge. Ignite your boldest vitality, allowing you to pursue your desires and venture into uncharted territories.

The garden or the space where you usually give free rein to your creativity is an excellent option for the ideal location of this stone.

I hope that with this information you can learn more about energy stones, their characteristics and what advantages you can acquire with them.

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